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A glimpse into Overheard at Brandeis: We are all ears

It’s another normal day on Brandeis campus, and you are eating at the dining hall with your friends, when suddenly you overhear a stranger say the most hilarious thing you could have ever imagined. You wish that this moment could be encapsulated in time forever, for future generations to hear… 


Luckily, Overheard at Brandeis (@brandeis_overheard) is here to make these moments into forever memories. An Instagram account with growing popularity, they take submissions and post anonymous quotes from Brandeis students, mirroring the style of Instagram accounts such as @overheardla or @overheardnewyork.


“I started the account after February break last year, I’m pretty sure it was shortly after the confessions account was banned,” said Overheard in an interview with The Brandeis Hoot. “I was bored and wanted to do something about it. Some friends gave me the idea for an overheard account. I had heard some really random shit said on this campus that I thought could make people laugh, so the account was born.”


The Overheard account was something new for Brandeis students. “As opposed to the typical confessions or crushes accounts,” which Overheard says most often “turn into friend groups spamming inside jokes,” Overheard describes the idea for their account as “simple and something everyone could enjoy,” a likely explanation for its popularity among students.


Overheard recounted their favorite quotes of all time, listing anything from “I’m not mentally ill, I’m just hilarious,” to “She gives the biggest Pete Buttigieg energy,” “I’ve been getting really into gaslighting lately,” and their all time favorite: “One night ago she was sitting on my face and now she doesn’t even say hi to me at Chabad?”


Overall, the account seems to be a hit among the Brandeis student body. “It’s pretty cool to hear people talking about the account around me,” says Overheard. “Sometimes I’ll be at dinner and people are like ‘new Overheard post!’”  


In some ways, Overheard at Brandeis provides insight into what it really means to be a student at Brandeis. “It’s really cool for me to see how Brandeis students interact with social media, and there’s a bit of an alumni following now too,” Overheard states. “I like being a part of something everyone can relate to and connect over. I think it’ll be sweet to pass it on when I graduate.”


No matter how different they are from one another, Overheard is something that is for all Brandeis students alike. “I like being a part of something everyone can relate to and connect over. As long as people are smiling while looking at the account I feel successful.” Overheard also noted that they would “love to try to increase school spirit,” as well as spreading “social awareness.”


The next time you overhear someone say something you just can’t believe, know that Overheard at Brandeis is waiting for you!

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