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Students organize fundraiser for Brandeis Emergency Fund

In the wake of the shuttle accident which occurred on Saturday, Nov. 15, students Rebecca Soslowsky ’23, Celia Wu-Hacohen ’23, Krupa Sourirajan ’23 and Sydney Schur ’24 have organized a performing arts fundraiser to take place on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center.

Sourirajan was able to take the time to respond to a few questions The Brandeis Hoot had about the fundraiser. “We all initially brainstormed on how we could best help those affected by the shuttle accident,” wrote Sourirajan. When deciding how they would be able to help others Sourirajan wrote that, “We are all involved in various performing arts groups on campus and thought it would be nice to raise money through a performance fundraiser. From then, we contacted administration, booked spaces, and reached out to organizations who were able to perform!”

The performing arts have always been a method of bringing communities together but as Sourirajan wrote, “Performing arts in times such as these help bring the community together.” For the Brandeis community specifically, she mentioned that “These performances will help facilitate a space for healing and acknowledgment of what has happened and allow the performers to express themselves while creating a sense of belonging on campus.” This event will allow students to participate in something which will provide a safe space for the personal expression of emotions while also fundraising for a cause that will provide relief to the students and families impacted by the shuttle accident.

The event will occur next week in the Shapiro Campus Center on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. in the atrium. For clubs and student organizations who wish to get involved, Sourirajan wrote that “Clubs and other organizations around campus can assist in getting the word out for this event by reposting our graphic on social media, spreading the word to professors by having them tell their classes and sending emails to their listservs regarding the event.” The graphic for the fundraiser event can be found on the editorial page of this week’s edition.

The event will not only be in person but will also offer an online option for students who wish to be a part of it but will not be able to attend. The link to the event is included in the graphic on the editorial page. Students who will be unable to attend either physically or virtually can also find ways to be involved. For students finding themselves in this position, Sourirajan wrote, “Students can definitely support the cause if they cannot attend either in-person or online. The best way to do so is by donating to the Brandeis Emergency Fund which is helping the broader group of students impacted by the shuttle accident. Additionally, checking in and staying connected with friends can really help. A simple text message or act of service can go a long way!” To donate to the Brandeis Emergency Fund individuals can call the office for Student Financial Services at 781-736-3700 or email them at sfs@brandeis.edu.

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