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Transportation updates following Boston/Cambridge shuttle accident

Brandeis administration is currently in the process of determining future transportation service options for students. These decisions are being informed by a transportation study from early in the summer as well as the ongoing investigation of the Boston/Cambridge shuttle crash. 

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Andrea Dine announced via email that the Boston/Cambridge shuttle would be canceled for the remainder of the semester. The other transportation services are currently still in place. Students who were previously using the Boston/Cambridge shuttle for interviews, internships, jobs or academic purposes are encouraged to apply for the Undergraduate Transportation Fund.

In an email with The Brandeis Hoot, Assistant Vice President for Communications Julie Jette, Vice President of Campus Operations Lois Stanley and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Carol Fierke shared a joint response to questions regarding the status of upcoming transportation. To get the most accurate information on routes and schedules, they cited using the Public Safety website

Student Union President Peyton Gillepsie and Vice President Lia Bergen shared that vehicles used for the Logan Shuttle Service before break included smaller, newer models of buses that were equipped with seatbelts in an interview with The Hoot. According to Dine, the vehicles currently in use on campus have seatbelts as well.

Upper administration also shared that the investigation of the accident is in the hands of the Middlesex DA and federal transportation agencies. “Investigations into significant accidents can take many months. We know a long wait for more information may be frustrating to the community, but no doubt we can all agree that we want the investigation to be thorough,” they wrote. 

Brandeis’ contract with Joseph’s Transportation, the provider of shuttles and drivers for Waltham and Boston/Cambridge routes for students, had recently expired according to Gillepsie. He noted, “This incident does come at an interesting time because it comes at a time when we…are looking at reforming transportation on campus already.”

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