To acquire wisdom, one must observe

In the words of Bon Jovi, ‘we’re halfway there’

Well, folks, we’ve made it halfway through the spring 2023 semester. And while right now you may not be rejoicing over this milestone because you’re drowning in midterms, know that we here at The Brandeis Hoot are proud of you. And we know it can be hard to look at the bright side of things while due dates are piling up on your Latte page, but look at how far you’ve come. You’ve made it through the thick of winter here in New England—which may not quite be over yet, but the worst of it hopefully is—and trekked through the icy and snowy campus. You even survived sub-zero temperatures during the polar vortex we were slammed with a few weeks ago. You survived the long nights that come with winter and the fewer sunlight hours, but now the days are getting longer as we approach the changing of clocks. As the end of the semester approaches, and the light at the end of the academic tunnel appears, another change is approaching. At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, our clocks will once again “spring ahead.” So if you for some reason still have clocks that need to be manually turned forward an hour, don’t forget! It might be tough to wake up what feels like an hour earlier for a few days, but the later sunset will be worth it; it always is. Soon we’ll be in the home stretch and getting ready to pack up for the semester, but not quite yet. Remember: this semester isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, so don’t burn yourself out too fast. Make sure that while you’re working on these assignments, you are also taking care of yourself. This means staying hydrated, eating three meals a day and getting at least six hours of sleep—eight would be ideal, but we’re trying to be practical here. And even though you might already be counting down the days until April break, try not to wish March away. Before you know it, finals will be here, and for seniors, graduation. College moves fast and even though individual classes may feel like they go on for weeks, the semesters will fly by in the blink of an eye. You may be here for four years, and maybe even in graduate school after those four years, but it will be the quickest four years you’ve ever experienced. It’s easy to get lost in what seems like endless days of classes and papers and group projects and club activities, but as 10,000 Maniacs said, “These Are Days.” These are the days that make up the bulk of your college experience, so try to find something little in every day that you can look forward to and be grateful for. Enjoy something novel, something unique, every day if you can. There’s so much happening on this campus, in Waltham and in Boston for Brandeis students to take advantage of. We’ve all only got so much time here, let’s make the most of it in every way we can.

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