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Election results released to students

The student union announced the results of the Winter Special Elections in an email sent to community members on March 13. There were five seats filled for the Massell Quad Senator, Charles River Quad Senator, Foster Mods Quad Senator, Class of 2023 Quad Senator and Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (MKTYP) Senator.

“Thank you so much to everyone who voted in this Winter Special Elections, and thank you to the candidates for running,” wrote Student Union Secretary Carol Kornworcel ’26 in an email to community members with the results. 

Vivienne Scott ’26 won the Massell Quad Senator. There was one seat open to all residents of Massell Quad; Scott ran against Adira Muskat ’26. Scott received 43.17% of the vote while Muskat received 21.57%of the vote. There were 102 community members who voted for this position; 13 write-ins were put in for Zachary Moskovits ’26. 

Jeffrey Kuang ’25 ran unopposed for the Charles River Quad Senator position. Kuang received 90.00% of the vote having had 9 out of 10 of the votes. One vote was set to abstain. 

There was one seat available for the Foster Mods Quad Senator position, which was won by David Cahn ’26. Cahn won with 58.78% of the vote against opponent Joseph Heaney ’26, with 17.91% of the vote. There were multiple write-ins for Sean Atinsky ’26. 

Class of 2023 Quad Senator position was won by Ivy Tran ’26. Two hundred and ninety-seven students voted in this election; Tran received 95 of these votes. Tran ran against Celia Davis ’23 and Jack Granahan ’26. Granahan was close to Tran having won 91 votes for 30.64% of the population. Celia Davis trailed behind with 15.82% of the vote from 47 community members. 

The MKTYP Senator position had one seat open to all undergraduate students. Vivian Hamui ’26 won the position with 70.33%. There were 300 students voting in this election; 211 voted for Hamui, while the rest of the vote was for no confidence or abstain. There were also 11 write-in votes.

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