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Tennis goes to Florida

As the end of class approaches on campus, the men’s and women’s tennis teams end their seasons in Florida playing in the University Athletic Association (UAA) tournament. At the event, play ends in each head-to-head match after one team reaches five wins.


The two teams left the tournament with almost the exact same scores. Both lost to Emory University and beat Rochester University. Against Carnegie Mellon University, the women fell and the men won to clinch fifth place in the tournament.


In their first matches in the Sunshine State, both the men and women fell to Emory 1-5. Each Brandeis win came in first doubles. Tommy Harrison ’26 and Dylan Walters ’24 won 8-5 and Bhakti Parwani ’25 and Rebecca Suarez ’26 won 8-2. Longer matches in first, fourth and sixth singles for the men went unfinished. The same was true of first, second and fourth singles for the women.


During their April 22 matches against Rochester, the men and women won 5-0. Of the scores reported from finished matches, the men lost only 13 games in total and the women lost a total of 19 games. The closest matches came in first and second doubles for the women. Both Parwani and Suarez in first and Sabrina Loui ’25 and Nancy Zhang ’26 in second won 8-6.


The women lost to Carnegie Mellon 5-1 in their second match of the tournament on April 21. Their win came at second doubles with Loui and Zhang. They won 8-6. The closest singles match was at third where Zhang battled through three sets before eventually losing 4-6, 6-2, 2-6. First, fifth and sixth singles went unfinished.


In their final match in Florida, the men beat Carnegie Mellon 5-1. The only loss for the Judges came at first doubles. Harrison and Walters lost 6-8. Most of the other matches proved straight-forward wins for Brandeis—that is, except for second singles. Harrison eked out a tight match there 7-6 (7-3), 6-4.


Just like that, the final tennis match for Brandeis’ 2022-2023 season wrapped up. The men ended their season with a winning 13-7 record while the women evened out a 10-10 record.

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