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Revolutionizing creation: inside the world of 3D printing

3D printing, a revolutionary technology, enables the creation of complex three-dimensional objects layer by layer, using various materials. This technology, which has always seemed new and advanced, has been conducted and disseminated by students on campus for a long time. The Brandeis Hoot had a conversation with Harrison Goodman ’24, the current president of Deis3D, Brandeis’ 3D printing club. Goodman, who will soon pass on his leadership role, shared insights into the club’s operations, projects and the fascinating realm of 3D printing.

Deis3D is a hub of innovation where members engage in various projects, from personal endeavors to collaborative works with other clubs, and even exploring the capabilities of unique printers, such as their pancake printer. Despite the playful nature of some projects, Goodman clarified, “We’re not allowed to eat the food because of the health and safety policies that Brandeis has.”

Transitioning through the pandemic was a hurdle for Deis3D, as it was for many. The club faced a dip in activity and membership, as members were unable to access the printers in person. Coming back to campus, Goodman and the leadership team have been working tirelessly to revive the club’s spirit and bring it back to its former glory, focusing on fostering a vibrant, collaborative community.

A typical gathering in the MakerLab might find members brainstorming, troubleshooting designs or sharing the latest 3D printing techniques. A goal for the semester is to fix and operate a clay printer for creating and firing clay pots, embodying the club’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional 3D printing. Goodman also outlined the plan of including operationalizing a conveyor belt printer to allow members to make “infinitely long and tall prints.”

3D printing primarily supports other clubs with their printing needs, as members are widely spread out amongst other clubs, such as the Robotics Club. As 3D printing looks to the future, Goodman hopes to see the club engage in more workshops and projects, solidifying its presence on campus as a creative and technical powerhouse. With a focus on transitioning leadership and expanding its activities, Deis3D is poised to continue its innovative journey in the world of 3D printing.

For those interested in joining 3D Printing, there are no prerequisites. The club prides itself on its inclusivity, catering to members across various skill levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Goodman emphasizes, “The club was founded in the early days of 3D printing when everything was new and experimental … we work with the software, the designing, the printers themselves, and weird, experimental other things.” Additionally, if members are unsure of joining the club, but only interested in the technique of 3D printing, sign up is also available in the library.

What resonates most with Goodman is the community aspect of Deis3D. “I get to talk to interesting people … and get to make cool and fun things,” he shared, highlighting the joy of seeing members’ creative projects come to life. He recalls with joy the instance where one of their members had created a maze for drunk worms to navigate through, bringing them much joy.

For those curious about the club or looking to dive into 3D printing, Goodman encourages reaching out via email or visiting the MakerLab in the library, where there often are members working on projects. With the MakerLab as their primary meeting spot, there’s always an opportunity to engage with club members and learn more about this fascinating field.

Goodman said: “Come and learn to 3D print. You’ve got more filament than you can use,” encapsulating the spirit of exploration and creativity that defines 3D printing. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a curious newcomer, Deis3D offers a welcoming space to explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

Feel free to contact Goodman at harrisongoodman@brandeis.edu, or sign up directly via campus groups. Additionally, library training sessions are available for signup via https://www.brandeis.edu/graduate-affairs/events/workshops.html (“Intro to 3D Printing with Prusa Mini”)

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