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The pillars of the world are crumbling,

Falling into the darker ocean as they left the darkness of earth

Light, white, blindingly beautiful light

The kind that is pure and unkind in … Read More...

Rant: 7/18/07

The injustices of this world are not made by those who do nothing by rather by those who in innocence overlook the injustice being done before their very eyes. Humanity claims that t… Read More...


Silence is the name of the game

And the game goes like this.

Be quiet, shut up, and listen

For if you miss the game,

You miss your chance at redemption

You’re loud,

Too loud.

You&…


diverse-city-3-14-08_page_3_image_0001.jpg I look out the window and see and garbage heap. I watch as beggars shift through junk, looking for a scrap of food. I see washing machines, microwaves, ovens… Most of them are still … Read More...

Black Shadow

I’m a silent shadow dressed in black

Unnoticed, ignored…

Given a freedom not realized or understood

Until too late

I walk down the street in black

And blacker still

You try …

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