TBA, BG get audience to slap their knees with slap stick comedy

On Saturday night, Brandeis improv comedy staples Bad Grammer and TBA performed a joint show unlike their usual coffeehouse fare. The cross-over show featured members of both troupes divided into two teams. The two teams showed up at the Pollack lecture hall at 10 p.m. ready to entertain the rowdy crowd, which was so large […]

Growler’s new album reminisces about ’80s Los Angeles glamour

Whereas previous albums by the Growlers rang with the twangs of 1970s California psychedelia, “City Club’s” title track opens the album with a funky jam evocative of 1980s Los Angeles. While the album still has the Orange County band’s trademark faded psych rock aesthetic, there is an added layer of ’80s-style synth that expands the […]

Young Thug screams, cries, and mimics the muppets in ‘Jeffery’

Jeffery, the artist formerly known as Young Thug, has been one of the most prolific musicians in hip-hop over the past several years. In his self-titled mixtape “Jeffery,” the rapper reclaims his birth name and pays homage to his musical influences as well as his favorite meme (on the wild track “Harambe”). As is expected […]

Rose after Dark lights the way to another semester of art exhibits

On Saturday evening, Brandeis’ Rose Art Museum opened its fall show, featuring art by David Reed, David Shrigley, Sarah Sze, Sean Lynch, Sarah Charlesworth, JJ Peet, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. The museum opened with an outdoor reception featuring a beer and wine garden and small appetizers. Students, art patrons and members of the community […]

All staff encouraged to submit to JustArts

With the hopes of getting a glimpse into the minds of Brandeis faculty and staff, the JustArts exhibition is currently seeking submissions for the fall 2016 show. Founded by Acting Director of the Office of the Arts Ingrid Schorr in 2009, the biannual exhibit welcomes all forms of art. “Some of the highlights have been […]

Profs. Almeida and Kim win impressive Foster Prize

Among this year’s winners of the prestigious James and Audrey Foster Prize from Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) are two Brandeis Fine Arts department faculty members, Sonia Almeida and Lucy Kim.   The Foster Prize, which has been awarded every other year since 1999, recognizes promising artists working at a national or international level […]

The Hoot Scoop: Every first-year’s guide to the art scene in Boston

It’s the beginning of the year, you’re new to Brandeis and you’re probably wondering, “Where’s the art?” You’re in luck, because this is Boston, and the art scene abounds. 1. The city’s biggest and most comprehensive collection is the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). This museum is huge, free with a Brandeis ID and easy […]