Alex Cameron’s ‘Miami Memory’ bursts

The first time I ever told a girl I loved her was completely impromptu. I didn’t go into that moment with any intention of doing that; the moment and those feelings forced the words out of my mouth. That eruptive passion is what the new Alex Cameron album feels like. Cameron is an Aussie singer-songwriter […]

‘All My Heroes Are CornBalls’ review: CHRIS IS DISAPPOINTED

MY THOUGHTS ARE NOT ORGANIZED ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT THIS ALBUM BUT HERE I AM ANYWAY. Last Friday, Baltimore’s own Jpegmafia released the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album “Veteran,” “All My Heroes are Cornballs.” And man… I don’t know what else to say… I’ve never heard anything like this; it’s incredible.  OH SO YOU […]

‘Ginger’ Review: Brockhampton’s Got Their Groove Back

My editor is a coward and wants me to be topical. Fine. Brockhampton’s new album “Ginger” is better than their last mess, “Iridescence.” “Iridescence” was the first album Brockhampton released after doing some damage control in the wake of Ameer Vann’s domestic abuse allegations. In the buildup to that album, there were a lot of […]

Back to Save the Universe

In April of 2013, a collection of demos from British artist Jai Paul appeared on Bandcamp. Via his otherwise dormant Twitter, Paul stated, “To confirm: demos on bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don’t buy. Statement to follow later. Thanks, Jai.” That was the last we heard from […]

Hot Dad embraces the void

It’s 2019, and no one is more logged-on than Hot Dad. In the wasteland of Youtubers making music hides an odd gem. Dancing in front of a green screen in poorly fitting outfits and making jams is Erik, aka Hot Dad. His (growing) channel currently has about 100,000 subscribers. However, few of his songs have […]

She Likes Cloth’s music debut is empty calories

We could all use more fiber. Eating nutritious foods is important; just so with music. Occasionally, bland albums without any substance make their way to the consumer. This is exactly what has happened with She Likes Cloth’s self-titled album, which is an uninspired debut. She Likes Cloth is an indie rock band from Secaucus, New […]

Let’s be honest: J. Cole

The Fayetteville rapper’s output post “2014 Forest Hills Drive” leaves us with a dilemma. J. Cole is an artist with no shortage of technical ability who we know is capable of putting together high-quality projects. And from his feature spots in that time we know he’s far from washed out. But following two consecutive lackluster […]

James Blake’s ‘Assume Form:’ lullabies and lapses of distrust

“Are you in love?” Someone is. UK producer, singer, songwriter, tall guy, potential alien life form, James Blake. His fourth album immerses you in his head as he tries to process his relationship. Blake made a name for himself with his eponymous debut album, and sophomore effort “Overgrown” had a cutting edge sound and sharp, […]

Life is meaningless but ‘Little Dark Age’ is good

“Go fuck yourself, you heard me right.” This January, MGMT released their fourth studio album “Little Dark Age.” The album is heavy in retro synth-funk and psych-rocks sounds, and lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden’s lyrics are the most absurd they’ve ever been. The album feels like being Mario in Super Mario Galaxy and is the most […]

Don’t Ruin Us, God Said

On Jan. 20, 2015, Lupe Fiasco released “Tetsuo & Youth”. On Sept. 21, 2018, he released “DROGAS WAVE.” While these two albums are separated by three and a half years and even another Lupe album, they are very tightly linked. “Don’t Ruin Us, God Said”, the backronym for drugs (which Drogas is Spanish for), represents […]

What did Mac Miller mean to Pennsylvania?

Admittedly, I’m not sure. I’m from a small suburb in eastern Pennsylvania, roughly six hours from Mac Miller’s native Pittsburgh. A Philadelphia artist like Meek Mill arguably should have been the more relevant musician in our area. Yet, while I was in high school, no artist was more widely listened to than Mac Miller. Kanye […]

Denzel Curry dives into the dark on ‘TA13OO’

Man, this album is good. Denzel Curry, former founding member of Miami’s Raider Klan and Soundcloud pioneer, is unfortunately most known for making the soundtrack to bottle-flip Vines. Yet, the 23 year old has shown more longevity than some of his peers, retaining a healthy-sized following in what is now the seventh year of his […]