The Brandeis Hoot: more than just a newspaper

I never had any preconceived intention of joining a newspaper when I arrived at Brandeis. The Brandeis Hoot was just one of the clubs I signed up for at the club fair my first year, and I figured it would be fun because I could try my hand at writing arts articles. I had no […]

Author Katherine Heiny gives hilarious, touching reading on campus

When Professor Stephen McCauley (ENG), associate director of the Brandeis Creative Writing Program, first introduced author Katherine Heiny, he said that within reading just a few sentences of her prose, he fell in love with her writing and with the voices of her characters. “You just want to read along for the sheer pleasure of […]

Prominent author to speak on campus next week

The New York Times likened Katherine Heiny to “Cheever mixed with Ephron,” while Lena Dunham (of the HBO series “Girls”) reported that her “work does something magical.” Heiny has had stories published in the The New Yorker, Seventeen, The Greensboro Review and more, and her recent book of short stories titled “Single, Carefree and Mellow” […]

Narayanan ’15 gives voice to poetry on campus

Rohan Narayanan ’15 is changing the Brandeis community, one poem at a time. When the 2014-2015 school year began, the senior was already involved in an extensive amount of Brandeis extracurricular activities, including his position as president of Brandeis Television (BTV) and his critical role on TRON, the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team. But over the […]

President Lawrence to step down, leaves mixed legacy

President Frederick M. Lawrence will step down as the president of Brandeis effective June 30, at which point Provost Lisa Lynch will become interim president. Lawrence, the eighth president of Brandeis, made this announcement on Jan. 30. A message was sent out to Brandeis alumni the following day from President of the Brandeis Alumni Association […]

Rev. Walter Cuenin departs Brandeis on short notice

Rev. Walter Cuenin, the long-time Brandeis University Catholic chaplain and coordinator of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, has left Brandeis with little fanfare due to medical reasons. “The Archdiocese has informed us that Fr. Walter Cuenin’s appointment at Brandeis has ended for health reasons. Out of respect for his privacy we have been asked to not comment […]

BTC showcases exquisite beauty in ‘The Conference of the Birds’

“The Conference of the Birds” is beautiful. The first (and most notable) exquisite aspect is the set itself. Staged in the Laurie Theater, a small round space, the actors bring the play to life in an arena incredibly close to the audience. Behind a platform sketched with what looks like sand, lies a portal—a screen […]

Popov ’16 completes a half-marathon and a dream

On Sunday, Oct. 12, Brandeis student Stanislav (Stasik) Popov ’16 completed his first Boston Athletic Association half-marathon. Popov finished 1,802th out of 6,211 people. His finish time was 1:52:5. “I just focused on getting through one mile at a time and just tried to take my mind off of running and just enjoy my music,” […]

Poets visit, display innovation and creativity

Students, faculty and staff packed into Pearlman Lounge for a poetry reading that celebrated peace and connected people from diverse backgrounds on Monday, Oct. 13. Two poets read their work. The first, Marilyn Hacker, is a Jewish, award-winning poet with a career that has spanned over 40 years. To create a book of poetry titled […]

JustArts exhibit reveals hidden artistic talent

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, Brandeis launched a new art exhibit in the Dreitzer Gallery titled the “JustArts Faculty/Staff Exhibition.” Full of paintings, sculptures, drawings and more, this represents the best art of the Brandeis community. Professors, staff members and researchers alike contributed to the gallery, and the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences […]

Women’s soccer team has high hopes for this season

“Everyone always says it, but our team is a family,” said Alec Spivack ’15, one of the captains of the Brandeis women’s soccer team. “My best friends, study buddies and shopping partners are all in one place.” And it is a good thing that the women’s soccer team is a close-knit family, because they are […]

Hockey team triumphs in championships

The Brandeis Club Hockey Team rose to victory recently, winning a championship they had coveted since the spring of 2010. This title was somewhat unexpected. “We never expect to win any of our games. We knew that at our best we could beat any team in the league and had proven that through the season. […]

Stellar novelist to read debut ‘Necessary Errors’ at Brandeis

Caleb Crain is the author of “Necessary Errors,” a novel that received stellar reviews from The New York Times, The New York Review of Books and others. This novel was actually Crain’s debut, due to a career Crain himself describes as “like a ride on the F train when it’s going over the A line […]

FA dept underfunded, endures poor facilities

The building lies two miles away from campus. Its windows are boarded shut. The staircase is on the outside, so to go upstairs students must step outside into the blistering cold. The floor has a thick layer of dust on it, and mousetraps lie under the stairs. The kitchen is so dirty that it looks […]

Ice Cube lowers standards for ‘Ride Along’

Ice Cube is timeless. Not in the way that his music has endured decades, though that may be true given his honest and angry portrayal of growing up African American in America in many of his rap songs. But truly, Ice Cube is timeless in the way that he does not seem to age. While […]

Rose to install permanent art from controversial artist

Chris Burden is an artist known for his installation and performance art, controversial pieces expressing extreme imminent danger. In 1971, through his performance piece “Shoot,” Burden instructed his assistant to shoot him in the arm with a .22 rifle. In 1974, Burden lay on top of a Volkswagen Beetle and was crucified, nails driven into […]

“Delivery Man” an unlikely feel-good film

“Delivery Man” is unlike most Vince Vaughn movies. Vaughn is known for playing the raunchy, underachieving, unlikable lead; his film credits include “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” “Wedding Crashers” and “The Break-Up.” In “Delivery Man,” Vaughn still acts as the character who doesn’t live up to his potential; he works as a meat truck delivery […]

Matt Nathanson enthralls audiences at House of Blues

Matt Nathanson only achieved nationwide recognition at age 36 in 2009, with his hit single “Come on Get Higher.” But for die-hard fans who know the artist’s work dating back to 1993 with the release of his first album, “Please,” Matt Nathanson has always been a beloved singer-songwriter with beautiful lyrics and haunting melodies. Now […]

‘Hamlet’ triumphs over structural problems with great acting

From a company that historically has brought hilarity and variety to traditional Shakespeare plays, this week Hold Thy Peace presents “Hamlet.” In years past, the company has transported “Much Ado about Nothing” to the 1990s and set “Macbeth” in the era of World War II. But this year, Hold Thy Peace has played it pretty […]

Third Eye Blind brings fun to Boston despite rough performance

Third Eye Blind, an alternative rock band known best known for their songs “Jumper” and “Semi-Charmed Life,” swept into Boston on Monday for a performance at the House of Blues. While all the band members are now in their 40s, and the lead singer (Steve Jenkins) is pushing 50, the show sold out quickly. The […]