Friendship, queer love and big pharma in ‘The Old Guard’

If you can die a thousand times and always wake up, what is the point in living? This is the central, if unspoken, question in “The Old Guard.” The answer: friendship. “Friends are good” might not sound like a particularly hot take, however for a big, shiny superhero movie, this is quietly radical. In Netflix’s […]

Nearly Theatre: not quite a review of the Huntington’s ‘Sweat’

Last Friday I had the privilege of seeing the final dress rehearsal of the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of “Sweat” by playwright Lynn Nottage. I must preface this by admitting that the show wasn’t finished when I saw it; this was a rehearsal, after all. As theatre asks the audience to suspend its disbelief, however, […]

‘The Politician’ is the worst show you might fall in love with

You sit down to watch the season one finale of Netflix’s “The Politician.” Immediately, you’re staring face to face, eye to eye, with Ben Platt as he launches into a truly gorgeous rendition of “Vienna” by Billy Joel. The camera pulls out and you’re in a hazy, lower-Manhattan speakeasy in which every member of the […]