Track and field Dec. 4 season opener

On Dec. 4, track and field began their 2021-2022 season at Springfield College, ending the day with several victories and other second-place finishes.  The Brandeis track and field team saw two victories in the 200-meter dash during the event. One of these victories was Reese Farquhar ’22, who won the event with a time of […]

Effective Altruism speaks on going good

On Sunday, Nov. 21, Brandeis Effective Altruism and the Philosophy Undergraduate Department Representatives brought in a speaker, Kaleem Ahmid, to speak to Brandeis students on the topic of effective altruism (EA).    Ahmid began by giving the audience five potential ways of increasing the amount of children that go to school, asking the audience to […]

Harpoon’s Dunkin’ is surprisingly good

Although this is the third year that Harpoon and Dunkin’ have teamed up to give fans holiday flavors, this is the first year that both of us are over 21 so of course we had to review these. These come in packs of 12 and include three of each of the four flavors: the classic […]

Prof. Elanah Uretsky (IGS) discusses US preparation for pandemic

  Elanah Uretsky (IGS), an associate professor of international and global studies, published an article in The Conversation on Nov. 5 discussing the United States’s use of free market capitalism and government deregulation. According to Uretsky these two topics could be part of the reason as to why the United States was not prepared for […]

In conversation with Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon—a photojournalist—joined Waltham High School members and university students in a Zoom session on Nov. 17, to answer questions from students. Lyon discussed his career in photography and different projects of his work with students.  After receiving a B.A. in History from the University of Chicago in 1963, Lyon joined the Student Non-Violent Coordinating […]

Lachlan Elam ’22 lets Brandeis see the stars

Did you know that the big white dome on top of the Abelson building is a telescope? Well, it is, and the Brandeis Astronomy Club is one of its main users.    When Lachlan Elam ’22, president of the Astronomy Club, first arrived at Brandeis in fall 2018, he initially “had no interest in astronomy […]

Ziva Hassenfeld explores Jewish day school communities

Ziva Hassenfeld (ED), a Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Assistant Professor of Education, has recently explored the factors that have led families to transfer from public schools to Jewish day schools during the pandemic. To this end, she analyzed interviews conducted by Prizmah, the center for Jewish day schools in New York City in an […]

Campus Activity Board presents: Halloweekend

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a Halloweekend Extravaganza event, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Oct. 20 by Lucas Malo, the Director of Community Service. The event took place in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) on Oct. 30 from 8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m., according to the email. Students were […]

Wendy’s new ‘hot and crispy’ fries

Wendy’s recently decided to take on soggy fries, solving a true societal issue. According to Wendy’s website, “Fries should be hot AND crispy. Period. That’s why we guarantee our new fries will be both of those things. And they are significantly preferred over McDonald’s fries.*” The note next to the asterisk read: “Taste preference based […]

Burger King’s ghost pepper nuggets: a spicy disappointment

For a limited time only you can get the “ghost pepper” nuggets at Burger King (right in time for Halloween). According to the Burger King website, the nuggets are “made with white meat chicken kicked up with fiery ghost pepper, our Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets are the perfect balance between flavor and heat.” The nuggets […]

Alumni return for Homecoming

On Saturday, Oct. 9, many Brandeis alumni returned to campus to celebrate Homecoming. This year, the annual celebration of Homecoming featured both men and women’s soccer competing against Case Western Reserve University, along with two volleyball matches, according to an email sent out by the athletics department. In addition to the sports games, the event […]

Men’s soccer plays two overtime matches

Brandeis Judges vs. Carnegie Mellon Tartans The Judges played against the Carnegie Mellon Tartans, in which the Judges had the opportunity to reach a 0.500 win rate if they clinched the win. However, the game ended in a draw, leaving the Judges to move to 3-4-2 overall for the season. The first half was very […]

Brandeis Public Safety fundraise as part of the Pink Patch campaign

Officers Sherry Gibson and Tony Celona tabled in the Shapiro Science Center with free cookies and pink patches to fundraise and raise awareness about Breast Cancer Awareness Month through the Pink Patch project, on Oct. 4. They told The Brandeis Hoot that for the month of October, officers had the option to put the new […]

Panera’s Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich is an abomination

It appears as though Panera’s top chefs have been smoking a lot of pot recently and from that came their newest sandwich: the Grilled Mac & Cheese. Now, we review fast food so we cannot claim to be super health conscious, but even for us it seems like a lot of carbs. On the website […]

‘In The Empty’ left us full

When we all heard that the Brandeis theater was doing a production that would take place in an outdoor tent outside of Spingold Theater, we knew we had to go. Live performances had been gone for so long due to the coronavirus, so we were eager to support our fellow Brandeisians and experience the joy […]

Brandeis Has Got Talent during Family Weekend Oct. 15

According to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Sep. 23 by Dennis Hicks, the Director of Student Activities, the Department of Student Activities (DSA) will be hosting Family Weekend from Oct. 15 through Oct. 17.  Family Weekend is an annual event held in the fall semester that is designed to provide entertainment for […]

Univ. professor comments on fentanyl overdose

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fentanyl overdoses have increased by a factor of 12 between the years 2013 and 2019. Following the deaths of comedians Enrico Colangeli and Fuquan Johnson on Sep 4., Traci Green (HELLER), Director of the Opioid Policy Research Collective, has commented on the fight against fentanyl […]

Your guide to the Brandeis COVID-19 testing site

As loyal workers of the Brandeis COVID-19 testing site, we have seen it all at this point, from busy days to dead days to days when we just wanted to lock ourselves in the closet and hide. We can also with confidence say that everyone at the testing site has a common goal: to get […]

Ben and Jerry’s ‘Topped:’ very hit or miss

Ben and Jerry’s has been blessing us all with seven new and changed flavors: the Topped. They are variations on regular Ben and Jerry’s flavors, except they have ganache and another topping at the top of the pint.    Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough John  I absolutely think that the “topped” portion of the ice cream […]

The science of cooking

Have you ever been cooking up one of your favorite treats at home, and wondered what chemical and molecular transformations occur, and moreover, how they manifest into the dish you know and love? Then you should check out Culinary Chemistry (CHSC 7A)!    According to the course description, students will gain “a basic understanding of […]