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Dr. George Tiller was murdered, and we need to talk about it

The media response to the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas abortion provider, has been nothing short of disheartening. Far too often the mainstream media has taken at face val… Read More...

A seder in Berkeley: How a newly minted Marxist-humanist came to live with his Republican parents

When I told my parents that college had turned me into an atheist and a pothead, they were unconcerned. But when I told them I was left-wing, they got angry. They spent quite a few nigh… Read More...

It’s like punk rock, only it’s a pig

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once noted that even if the ancient Athenians were wrong to put Socrates to death, at least it meant that they took his ideas seriously. This is the eternal di… Read More...

POEM: Sometimes you still see Marilyn Monroe at the beach



Marilyn, at the border of sun and sand

spits in the wind, unfurls her wig,

the sting of salt still on her breath

as she kneels – so poised – her cane in hand.

It’s a …

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