Guest lecturer speaks on neuroscience

Doris Tsao from the University of California Berkeley took part in a lecture series honoring the legacy of Dr. John Lisman at the university on Nov. 15. Tsao spoke on her career and research in neuroscience with community members, explaining the neural pathways involved with different stimuli including object and facial recognition.  Tsao is known […]

‘Maid’ conveys trauma and struggle in an authentically real way

I’ve been wanting to find a film or show that goes beyond the hard stories until people actually are able to recover and undo the trauma in their familial history instead of continuing it, and “Maid” did exactly that. The moment I started watching it was all I could talk about because everything from the […]

Brandeis’ journey of accessibility

Daniel Parker ’22 is a senior at Brandeis who shared his frustrations over the constant lack of accountability Brandeis has had in regards to addressing student concerns about accessibility. He described how the administration opened an open forum to provide a space for student concerns in January 2019, after students wrote a letter voicing concerns. […]

‘Sex Education’: The importance of individuality, support and growth

When “Sex Education” first made its way onto the Netflix screen, it established itself as a unique show that wasn’t purely in pursuit of making a name in terms of entertainment, but a show that brought to many a sense of a sense of safety, understanding and acceptance that many previous shows had failed to […]

The Oscars make history but misses the beat

Perhaps as a result of the pandemic or maybe as a result of a larger issue of the place film has in the modern age, the Oscars was not a hit this year with the general public. Ratings were lower than ever and everything felt, to say the least, “off.” In an age where we […]

The (kind of) intrinsic atmosphere of ‘We Are Who We Are’

Luca Guadagnino and HBO’s “We Are Who We Are” is a unique show that carries through with a lot of the cinematic elements the company and director are known for. Combining the mind behind “Call Me By Your Name” and the corporation behind “Euphoria,” the show does not set out to be anything short of […]

How ‘Euphoria’ speaks to generational trauma

The first season of “Euphoria” was released roughly a year ago, and it remains more relevant to Generation Z (or Gen Z for short) than ever. It manages to paint a picture of teen struggle in a way that feels relevant, even if the character’s lives don’t directly mirror common experiences.  The show takes place […]