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The summer was drawing to an end

and she was finding it hard to say farewell to the long days and warm air.

Soon she would be bundled up in a jacket and mittens,

the nights would be longer …

POETRY: Ambiguous Love…

There are things we don’t say

and things we don’t mean,

but what happens when something’s

right in between?

I still feel each one

Each palm of his hand

like a lingering kiss

Whe…

“The Tuesday Stack”

It occurred to me, as I straightened the stack of Tuesday newspapers, that Tuesdays are boring days. They lack the hardship of Mondays, the ‘over the hump’ feeling of Wednesda… Read More...

Write (continued)

Editor’s Note: The first installment of this story appeared in the September 19 issue of Diverse City, in which an unnamed protagonist struggled with writer’s block aftRead More...


Editor’s Note: The following short story will be presented in two parts. The next installment will appear in next week’s issue.

Birds chirped obliviously outside t…

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