Nevada as a case study on working together

The prevailing strategy of the Democratic Party’s 2020 campaign was to “vote blue no matter who.” Maybe then-nominee Biden wasn’t your first choice, but everyone from creators of kitschy Instagram slideshows to Angela Davis agreed that Americans had to band together for the greater good. This argument always punched left—it’s better to have a moderate […]

CPAC and the end of the GOP

Throughout the campaign trail and immediately after the election, President Joseph Biden predicted that Republicans would have an “epiphany” about working across the aisle with a Democratic president. Both Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have claimed that America needs a strong Republican Party. Some of Biden’s most common calls have been for […]

The DNC needs to change

When a group’s leaders no longer represent its members, how long does it take before that group collapses? This question has lingered in my mind ever since the Democratic National Convention (DNC) sent out mixed messages a few weeks ago. Inspiring messages from the young leader of the party’s progressive wing, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), […]

Fixing the Brandeis weekend

Following increased national discussion on progressivism and protests surrounding human rights, it is important to look at one of the biggest perpetrators of injustice in college culture: Greek life. Colleges constantly grapple with these issues, but often go without the same level of criticism levied at other institutions. Many conservatives consider higher education to be […]