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America's real problem

It all started when I was 16 and three quarters. In the state of Massachusetts at age 16 and a half we Mass residents are given the opportunity to get our licenses. I didnt pass the firs… Read More...

I hate you thugs

The oversized pants with rear pockets
reaching the armpits of the legs
Big shirts
and hooded sweatshirts
With a cap to top it off.

And should fortune strike them
A white Cadillac Esc…

Living analog in a digital world

Researchers, Developers, and Scientists are good for the earth,
New technology and discovery, do they give birth.
To improve life on this planet for all to use&… Read More...

I want to be a writer of magic master

As Graduation approaches, high doses of Clonapin and zantex are no match for my anxiety. I thought beginning my job search would alleviate my worries, but Ive realized I d… Read More...

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