‘Through Lines’ series changes perspectives on Rose artwork

The current collection at the Rose Art Museum contains the works of 35 male artists and six female artists. Furthermore, there are only seven artists of color. On Saturday, Nov. 17, Sheida Soleimani, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, used this lack of proper representation as an introduction to a discussion of […]

Close Looking: Hyman Bloom’s “Corpse of Man”

“A dead body is itself a strange thing—it’s in the liminal between a person and an object.” What happens after death? Are we forever gone or do our souls remain lurking to watch over our friends and family? Is death a beautiful process as it marks the celebration of the end of one’s life and […]

Halloween Classic: ‘The Sixth Sense’

Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense” describes the journey of a boy named Cole Sear on his quest to fit in with his classmates, and the simultaneous changes that child psychologist Malcolm Crowe undergoes as he recovers from a previous failure. While this supernatural horror film is a great movie to watch during the Halloween season, […]

Twenty One Pilots: Entrenched in one’s thoughts

Twenty One Pilots’ newest album titled “Trench” features a variety of songs with metaphors on the difficulties of struggling with mental health littered throughout the lyrics. This album marks the first collection of songs Twenty One Pilots has released after returning from their year-long break. The songs combine the ability to explore challenging subjects while […]