Brandeis moves from Sodexo to Harvest Table

On April 14, Brandeis announced that we will be transitioning to a new dining vendor. The university will be switching from Sodexo to Harvest Table (A subsidiary of Aramark). As members of the Brandeis community who have been eating Sodexo’s “food” for a year now, we wanted to weigh in on the decision.   Vincent’s […]

Why NexDine is our best option

There are few things that Brandeis students love more than a good old fashioned peer-to-peer competition. Our recent Jeopardy run, for one. The existence of our debate team, ironically named BADASS, for another. Our latest, most popular peer-to-peer competition? The dining presentations. It is not often that we have the chance to influence the outcome […]

Brandeis Fencing remembers Parry, Riposte!

Brandeis, as we all know, has many longstanding and proud traditions. Believe it or not, sports are one of them. Now, we had the good sense to sack the football program long ago. No, I’m talking about a pillar of the student body of Brandeis: Fencing. There is perhaps no more Brandeisian sport than fencing […]

Think different: MacBooks suck

Breaking news: most students are using MacBooks. A huge majority of college students, nearly three quarters of them, use or would prefer to use a Macbook, according to TechSpot. At the risk of sounding like massive contrarians, MacBooks suck. For a device that claims to do it all, the functionality of Macs is severely lacking […]

Why Brandeis was the 6th happiest university in 2012

In 2012, Brandeis University was ranked number six  by Unigo for the happiest universities in the United States for the 2012-2013 year. Don’t believe me? I don’t either. Yet, it’s on the university Wikipedia page, and more importantly, a skilled user of the wayback machine can find it on Unigo itself. Naturally, I am not […]