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Snyder helps MSoccer take ECAC’s

On a rainy Sunday, the fans awaited the final countdown and at last, let out a cheer as the Brandeis Judges completed their season, toppling seventh ranked New Englan… Read More...

This week in sports


Boston Red Sox bid $51.1 million to negotiate with pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.
NY Yankees trade OF Gary Sheffield to the Detroit Tigers for three prospects.
Washington N…

WBasketball Preview: Tips to greatness

With a mighty heave from Jaime Capra 08 and an unfortunate clank to show for it, Brandeiss season came to end there in that second round game against Bowdoin. It was an end to an un… Read More...

In the light of Thursday morning

Its an ordinary evening as we sing at Positive Foundations coffeehouse, helping fellow students in their efforts to raise money to fight extreme poverty worldwide. Im perfo… Read More...

I knew that guy was sketchy!

Alright, friends, we need to chill a bit;

I sure do, at least. So, with this installation of Horseradish, I present these two true (and all-too-true) storie… Read More...

Girl Talk walks the walk

No one could have possibly been prepared for the spastic dancing onslaught that is Girl Talk, and no one could have possibly been happier with the performance last Saturday ni… Read More...

Horton hears a Hoot: Hannah King on Seussical

In the waning days of Seussicals rehearsal period, director Hannah King 08 took a few minutes to talk with The Hoot about her soon-to-open show.

Hoot: What drew you to wanting t…

How to keep yourself warm this winter

Its getting to be that time of year again. Its the time to pack away our tanks tops and board shorts and break out the snow boots and winter jackets. Hailing from the Northeast, Im … Read More...

Mission: Orgasm

Q: I am having some trouble making my girlfriend orgasm from penetrative sex alone. We have been using a vibrator and that does the job, but are there any positions that will all… Read More...

‘Deis Board


Nov. 8
W 3-0 v. Plymouth State

Nov. 4
L 1-3 v. Chicago
W 3-1 v. Case

Nov. 3
W 3-2 v. Chicago
L 0-3 v. Emory
L 0-3 v. NYU


Nov. 4
Men: 2nd +162
Women: 5th + 138

Mens Soccer

Nov. …

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