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DEIS Impact keynote speaker announced

By Max Gould

Section: News

January 22, 2016

Germaine Ingram, a nationally recognized contemporary jazz tap dancer, has been selected as the 2016 ’DEIS Impact keynote speaker and performer. The ’DEIS Impact Festival of Social Justice is a week-long event in which professors, clubs and departments host events, talks, workshops and performances. The festival will begin Jan. 27 and conclude with Ingram’s performance on Feb. 2 and her keynote address on Feb. 3.

Ingram is a distinguished tap dance performer who has made her mark on the art world by incorporating historical narrative, oral history and filmmaking to convey messages of social justice. She uses her tap dancing to start dialogue on many current issues throughout the country while also incorporating historical elements. She began her career in the 1980s under the instruction of world famous tap dancer LaVaughn Robinson. With Robinson by her side, Ingram danced and taught workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean for over 25 years.

Her performances have been acknowledged time and time again and have received several awards. She was named the 2010 Pew Fellow, presented with the Rocky Award, the Channavy Lenora Koung Award for Folk Arts & Culture Heritage Practice, the Leeway Transformation Award and the Leeway Art & Change Award. Additionally, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Independence Foundation have both recognized her work. Her experience in tap dancing extends beyond the realm of performing into choreography as well. Both Manhattan Tap and Tappers With Attitude have featured her performances, and she has worked with acclaimed musicians like Odean Pope, Dave Burrell and Tyrone Brown.

Ingram’s admirable career as an artist is only a single part of her larger success. Ingram also earned a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and did postgraduate studies at Harvard University. From there she has worked as a law professor, a civil rights lawyer and a litigation attorney. She has also held positions in governmental law departments and was Chief of Staff in the School District of Philadelphia.

Ingram is scheduled to perform her “Freedom Underfoot” at Brandeis, which focuses on the final year of the Civil War in Atlanta, GA. Under the backdrop of music by Dr. Jacqueline Pickett and Diane Monroe, Ingram will present autobiographies from women at the time, slave narratives and diaries. The next day Ingram will deliver her keynote speech, titled “The Law and the Stage: Platforms for Pursuing Social Justice.” Her speech will focus on civil rights law as a platform for advancing equality.

The critically acclaimed tap dancer, choreographer and practicing lawyer promises to deliver an entertaining and enlightening conclusion to this year’s Festival of Social Justice. Ingram’s final Keynote Address will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center on Feb 3.

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