Bromantic comedy hits home

Males from the age of eighteen to twenty-four do not exactly comprise the hardest demographic to satisfy when it comes to movies. We don’t ask for much. Whether it is an action movie filled with explosions or a comedy loaded with bathroom humor, our group as a whole knows what we like. We (I use […]

University Democrats to hold Massechusetts conference

This year, the Brandeis Democrats will play host the annual College Democrats of Massachusetts (CDMa) Convention. The three day long convention will be held Apr. 3 through Apr. 5 and is open to any registered collegiate Democrat club. Past conventions have been held at Tufts and Boston College. The Brandeis Democrats decided to apply to […]

Fire safety: A guided tour

The door to your dorm room is blocked. The fire outside is intensifying by the second. You need to crawl through the bedroom and out the window. Time is closing in. A few minutes ago, everything seemed fine. You entered your door and sat down in the kitchen. Your eyes took in the fire hazards–paper […]

Reviving Mumbai through theatre

Where were you when you first heard about the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai, India? More importantly, where were you after? Did you read the newspapers or watch the nightly news to get a sense of how the events transpired? Did you attend a lecture or a peace vigil in support of the lives that […]

Softball wraps up road swing, taking 3-4

The Brandeis Judges softball team returns to home action, wrapping up two double headers in two days, sweeping Lasell 3-2, 8-3 and settling for a split at Clark taking game one 3-2 but getting blanked 1-0. A two out triple put Clark on the scoreboard in game one, but Brandeis was able to tie it […]

Brandeis baseball eeks out a win against Salve Regina

As Yogi Berra said, “it ain’t over until it’s over.” Brandeis certainly proved that as RBI singles from Drake Livada ’11 and Pat Nicholson ’11 in the bottom of the ninth capped an on-going comeback from a four run deficit to swipe away a 7-6 victory from Salve-Regina. After getting on the board first on […]

Nettle ushers in a brave “nu” world of music

The idea of “world music” has become a cliché among music fans; a stereotypical set of sounds from non-western countries watered down and fed to an audience of Americans and Europeans seeking something “different.” It was in response to this stereotype that Jace Clayton, better known as a critically acclaimed artist, DJ /rupture, formed Nettle, […]

Sandler brings perspective to Rose exhibit

On Tuesday night, a small crowd gathered to hear acclaimed art critic and historian Irving Sandler speak about the artist Hans Hoffmann, who currently has a show at the Rose Art Museum. The evening began with an introduction by the director of the museum, Michael Rush. He extolled events such as this, “to exhibit great […]

Cynical Optimism: What is Cynical Optimism?

I suppose it’s about time I explain myself. What, you may ask, is this curious concept that I have chosen to title my column after? Some people have noted that it is slightly paradoxical in nature, a borderline oxymoron. Some have tried to provide their own interpretations of its meaning. Others have just stared at […]

Peggle remains addictive

If you have played Peggle on any of the multiple consoles where it has been previously released, you know what you are getting into with the XBLA release of this addictive puzzler. The game is essentially the same as previous releases, and there is very little wrong with that. Unless you have been living under […]

Ask the Queer Resource Center!

Do you have questions about gender, sexuality, diversity, or acceptance? Would you like anonymous advice from friendly peer counselors? Check out the Queer Resource Center, the educational branch of Triskelion, the Brandeis LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/ally) group. We provide free, confidential peer counseling to people of all identities in Shapiro Campus […]