Hogan seeks to reconnect Union with student body

The Student Union has decided to strengthen its ties with the student body this year, after having focused on better connecting students with faculty and university administration last year. The effort includes increasing communication between students and the Union, as well as encouraging more student input in Union affairs. President of the Union Andy Hogan […]

Brandeis Briefs …

SEPTEMBER 11 COMMEMORATIONS. The Brandeis Interfaith Chaplaincy will hold a peace vigil in honor of the eighth anniversary of September 11 today from 12 to 12:30 p.m. in the peace circle. The vigil will be the first of weekly Friday vigils for peace in the Middle East, and seeks to provide an opportunity for members […]

To tweet or not to tweet?

There’s a famous song that goes, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me, and I have no privacy.” Sound familiar? Do you ever get the feeling someone’s following you? Or are you the one doing the trailing? While following people might’ve been frowned upon in the past, in our age of digital media, it’s become […]

Brandeis Tweets

Want to read the twitter pages featured in this article? Here are some links: Shannon Ingram http://twitter.com/Ladysaw731 Sahar Massachi Tweets by sayhar Prof. Mark Auslander Tweets by MuseumMark Wayne Marshall Tweets by wayneandwax Brandeis Pages http://twitter.com/BrandeisU (main) http://twitter.com/BrandeisGSAS (GSAS) http://twitter.com/HiattatBrandeis (Hiatt)

All in the Family: Dr. Howard Sachar and the Jacob Hiatt Institute

At first glance one may not realize that Dr. Howard Sachar’s connection to the field of modern Jewish history extends beyond the 16 books he has published on modern Europe and the history of Israel. Professor Emeritus of History and International Affairs at The George Washington University, Sachar is a highly regarded scholar on Middle […]

Women’s volleyball finishes second at Springfield Invitational

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team has started off the season with a bang, moving up to a 5-1 record including a 3-1 record at the Springfield College Invitational over the weekend which earned them a second place finish. Outside hitter Paige and setter Abby Blasco ’11 were named to the All Tournament team for their […]

Grunting: Desperation or intimidation tactic?

Tennis is considered a mental game. Players are alone or with one partner, and are not allowed to talk with coaches until after the match is over. There is one aspect of the mental game that is often over looked- the grunt. This might be a sign I’ve been watching too much tennis, but I […]

Men’s soccer has tough first weekend, loses one and ties another

The Brandeis men’s soccer team opened their season last weekend in the Adidas Kick-Off Tournament in Norton, MA. Their first match against the Rutgers-Newark Scarlet Raiders ended in a 1-1 tie on Saturday, but the Judges fell 2-0 on Sunday to the Southern Maine Huskies. Coach Coven was not happy with his team’s performance. “It […]

Women’s soccer defeats Nazareth, falls to Babson

The Brandeis women’s soccer team took down Nazareth College at home on Sunday in a 3-1 victory. They moved up to a 2-0 record, but could not get the win on Wednesday’s game against Babson College to maintain their undefeated streak. Babson won the game in a 1-0 shutout. In Saturday’s match against the Nazareth […]

Deis fashion relief after European adventure

Returning from a semester in Spain, I admit, I feel a little displaced, especially when it comes to fashion. After all, where are the t-shirts with the scandalously deep V’s or the tight jeans with a bedazzled skull on the pocket? And then there’s women’s fashion. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of […]

A meditation on love and friendship

My cousin got married last weekend, so I made the trek from Boston to Chicago to be present on his special day. The wedding was beautiful and, of course, I cried. I didn’t think I would, but as the music started and my cousin walked down the aisle to await his beloved, like a Pavlovian […]

Remaking Woodstock not such a buzz kill

Once upon a time there was a music festival called Woodstock. 500,000 people came, grooved, and partied in the mud. Many were sick, tired, hungry, and, dare I say it, annoyed at what might have fairly been deemed a disaster. For some the experience was life changing. Elliot Tiber was one of them. “Taking Woodstock,” […]

Let’s get personal (essays, that is)

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” the old saying goes. If you read a lot of tabloids or watch TMZ then you’d probably agree. Even in the literary realm, a striking account of real events can make even the tallest of tales seem rather unextraordinary. What’s more remarkable is if the striking account is told first-hand, […]

A great band arises from the ashes of Strokes-mania

I like deep meaningful music about the alienation of the modern world as much as the next Radiohead fan, but sometimes postmodern angst can’t exactly be described as fun. But that’s certainly not true of French band Phoenix’s fourth and latest album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.” There’s a certain French arrogance in cribbing Mozart for an […]


Put me out of my insanity. As a victim to my vanity, the convoluting constricts of my mind are plain to see. These suffocating sinews emerge from a noxious venue; ever-present ever-poison in my quaint reality. Let me imitate this poison with almost-unfaulted poise, and I will show you how I counterfeit the images I […]

Life in a broken home

Beit Hanina, Ashkaria village, July 13th 2009, 9.30 am. A woman, wearing a navy blue djelaba, and a purple headscarf, extends her hands to the sky crying “Hasbiallah aleikum, al rahman, al rahim.” Photographers, Palestinian and Western European, tell her to lean this or that way, to speak louder, to look at the sky… She […]

Ask the Queer Resource Center!

Do you have questions about gender, sexuality, diversity, or acceptance? Would you like anonymous advice from friendly peer counselors? Check out the Queer Resource Center, the educational branch of Triskelion, the Brandeis LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/ally) group. We provide free, confidential peer counseling to people of all identities in Shapiro Campus […]