Rose committee recommends museum stay open

University Provost Marty Krauss released a report from the Future of the Rose Committee on Tuesday recommending that the Rose Art Museum remain open and “take steps to reintegrate” the museum into the university. The report avoided the issue of whether or not the university should sell pieces of artwork from the museum in order […]

Activist works to defend lepers’ ‘human dignity’

Social activist Padma Venkataraman and daughter of former Indian president Ramaswamy Venkataraman promoted Rising Star Outreach, a program founded in order to help those afflicted with leprosy, in a talk at the Heller School Monday evening. She spoke at length about the many problems lepers have because of the side effects of leprosy and how […]

Hollender says companies need to be responsible, go green

The Co-Founder of an environmentally conscious corporation spoke about sustainable business yesterday afternoon in a lecture at the Shapiro Theater. Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder and Chief Inspired Protagonist of Seventh Generation, addressed issues of how to run an environmentally supportive business in an event sponsored by Brandies Net Impact. Speaking to an audience of all ages, […]

H1N1 absences lead to creative teaching methods

Dealing with the occasional sick student’s absence from class is no new phenomenon for many college professors, so much so we often don’t even give it a second thought. Fall arrives, bringing with it a plethora of itchy throats and runny noses, and soon sick students are fleeing the classroom like leaves falling off trees. […]

Men’s soccer defeats MIT 2-1, notches first win of the season

The Judges took out down the MIT Engineers 2-1 on Wednesday night and finally cracked into the win column. Before the game MIT had outscored their opponents 24-9 on the season. When Brandeis faced the same opponent last year they were defeated 5-0, so for Coach Coven this victory was exactly what his team needed. […]

Women’s soccer continues success at home, ties on the road

The women’s soccer team tied the Roger Williams University Hawks 0-0 after two overtimes last Thursday night, but defeated the Clark University Cougars 5-1 on Sunday at home. With the two games their overall record improves to 4-1-2 with an undefeated home record of 4-0 and an away record of 0-1-2. The win against Clark […]

Women’s volleyball splits week, beating Endicott but falling to Tufts

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team triumphed over the Endicott Gulls last Thursday night, but was unable to keep the momentum going and lost to the Tufts Jumbos on Tuesday. This was the second loss in ten days to the Jumbos who are now 7-1 on the season and on a seven game winning streak. The […]

Rethinking the American League Central Division

So last week I wrote about Phil Kessel possible leaving Boston, and now he is a Toronto Maple Leaf for the next five years. So I am going to see if I can do this again and write an article one week and see some results the next. But this time it will be about […]

Justice Brandeis of the Peace

Peace is a very Brandeisian ideal. Founded in the aftermath of and partially in response to the atrocities of World War II, the university had peacemaking on its mind from the outset. Over sixty years later, the university carries that torch proudly, through such organizations as the Student Peace Alliance (which two years ago hosted […]

Chef serves up some killer rhymes in new album

The hip-hop world received its “Chinese Democracy” this month, when Raekwon finally released the followup to his debut album, “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II.” The return of a Wu-Tang member is not only appreciated, but the album itself is a triumph and a Wu-Tang Clan reunion, packed with guest spots. The album, first […]

Not aMUSEd: “The Resistance” album disappoints

For years I have been drowning my thoughts to the sound of Mathew Bellamy’s stirring yet poetic conspiracy theories. When feeling particularly riveted, I would play “Apocalypse Please” on a loop, or, if I felt like starting a revolution that day, I would blast “Stockholm Syndrome” through my speakers at full force. So when I […]

Fads: Friends or foes?

Although fads in literature, style, music and so on traverse across boundaries, allowing for at least one set of shared interests, these fads may or may not be viewed as homogenizing the varied trends that are supposed to be the hallmark of any culture or sub-culture. To be persuaded into a fad of literature and […]

Ask the Queer Resource Center!

Do you have questions about gender, sexuality, diversity, or acceptance? Would you like anonymous advice from friendly peer counselors? Check out the Queer Resource Center, the educational branch of Triskelion, the Brandeis LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual/ally) group. We provide free, confidential peer counseling to people of all identities, in Shapiro Campus Center […]

Who wears the pants?

Ironically, when the pant sizes started to drop off, so did the amount of men in my life. I always used to dream I was skinny. My mom once told me, “Go for your dreams.” So I did. And here I am today. With this whole new wardrobe to accommodate my slightly smaller, yet not […]