IDF conscientious objectors explain reasons for rejecting military service

Two women who refused to serve in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spoke to a full audience in Pearlman Hall on Monday night in an event organized by the Brandeis club Students for Justice in Palestine Maya Wind and Neta Mishly, high school seniors who work with the Shministim Tour in conjunction with the Code […]

$2.2 million grant helps buy microscope for research

Brandeis received a grant for $2.2 million on Sept. 7 to buy a new electron microscope that will be installed in the spring of 2010. The grant from the National Institute of Health will cover the expense of purchasing the microscope, however the university will spend about $50,000 in renovating the room that will house […]

Public safety shares crime statistics via e-mail

The Department of Public Safety has begun using e-mail instead of snail mail in order to send information to students about the campus’ crime rates and security policies, as required by the Jeanne Clery Act of federal law. In 1986, Jeanne Clery, a student at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, was raped and murdered in her […]

Will you make a difference?

You’ve most likely walked past them countless times. You’ve probably been the recipient of their kind words or helpful gestures over and over again. Maybe you work in an office with one of them or you’ve simply heard their name a few times since you got to Brandeis. Who are they? They are the faces […]

Tender love and Brandeis care

Gwenn Smaxwill had always dreamed of having an office with both a door and windows. Getting one seemed like enough of a reason for thanks, but when she found herself with a door and not only one, but three windows, it seemed like Smaxwill had finally arrived – prime office real estate. Smaxwill, the director […]

Tête à tête with the new EVP/COO Jeffrey Apfel

The Brandeis Hoot: You’re currently serving as Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance. When do you officially step into the position as executive vice president? Jeffrey Apfel: At the board meeting coming at the end of October…It occurred to the people that were designing the job that a transitional period would make a lot […]

Brandeis falls to Case Western in UAA opener, defeats Tufts

The Brandeis women’s soccer team opened up their UAA play against the Case Western Reserve University Spartans on Saturday in Cleveland, but fell to the hosts 1-0. The Judges went on to shutout the Tufts University Jumbos at Tufts on Wednesday 2-0. With the win and loss the Judges move to 5-3-2 on the season […]

Volleyball 1-2 in first UAA play

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team was 1-2 on their first University Athletic Association round robin of the season in Rochester over the weekend. With that their overall season record drops to 11-7. The Judges dropped their UAA opener on Saturday night to the Washington University Bears in straight sets 23-25, 11-25, 19-25. Brandeis started out […]

Packers v. Vikings: An epic match-up for Minnesota fans

Last week I made a mental decision to not talk about Minnesota sports for a while, but then I found out that the Vikings were playing the Green Bay Packers Monday night. Moreover, that means it was the first time that Brett Favre faced his old team wearing purple and yellow, and guaranteed to be […]

In search of a subway soundtrack

Most audiences notice when a concert hall has extraordinary acoustics. A church is likely to garner criticism from its congregants if sound doesn’t carry to the back pews. But commuting to work in New York City with iPod in tow made me realize that sonic resonance in this era goes beyond such hallowed places of […]

Getting Boston transit

It’s 8:45 pm on a Wednesday night. Around this time you’d typically find me at some miscellaneous location around campus, in trademark position—feet propped up on nearest surface, pencil in hand, notebook in lap, nose in book or, more likely, in laptop. I take comfort in my routine; we’ve grown attached. On this night, however, […]

Warning: "Capitalism" not for those weak of heart

At one point in “Capitalism: A Love Story,” a Wall Street broker tells filmmaker Michael Moore to not “make any more movies.” Thankfully – and unsurprisingly – Moore chose not to take this advice to heart. His “Capitalism” chronicles the events leading up to last Fall’s economic meltdown, an event which Moore blames on the […]

'xx' marks the spot

London’s been the birthplace of many musical movements, but in recent years dubstep and grime have received quite a bit of focus. And then there’s the foursome of 20 year olds that make up the South London band, The XX. Working under the influences of modern R&B, their stripped down airy tunes sound like dubstep […]

Ask the Queer Resource Center

Do you have questions about gender, sexuality, diversity, or acceptance? Would you like anonymous advice from friendly peer counselors? Check out the Queer Resource Center, the educational branch of Triskelion, the Brandeis LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual/ally) group. We provide free, confidential peer counseling to people of all identities, in Shapiro Campus […]