To acquire wisdom, one must observe

And the nominees for Best of Brandeis are:

Pinch Me

In “Pinch Me,” a film by Chris Lavery ‘10 and Avi Swerdlow ‘10, a man named Jon leads a humdrum existence. He spends most of his time sleeping, has a less than enthralling job and an awfully noisy neighbor. Luckily, he has a wonderful girlfriend. There’s only one problem: she disappears every time he wakes up.

Annabelle Lee

To call “Annabelle Lee” a trippy movie is putting things lightly. A man named Edgar finds himself entranced by a vision he sees in the woods of a deathly silent woman—the titular Annabelle. When he follows her to a house, he finds four grisly mimes along with her nearby grave. The film—written and directed by Illan Amouyal ‘10, Kelly Frydman ‘11, Angcon Podder ‘10 and Stephen Robinson ‘11—successfully creates a sense of thrilling incoherence with its gothic music video aesthetics.

Still Alive

In the world of “Still Alive,” a film by Chris Lavery ’10, Arun Narayanan ’10 and Dan Neal ’10, everything has changed. A catastrophic plague has left everyone frozen in place—save for Boris. Boris glories in his situation, positioning people in provocative positions and using one of his friends as a clothes rack. But soon he realizes that other people might actually be able to move—but only when he’s asleep. The film makes for creepy, suspenseful and unsettling viewing.

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