Treasurer resigns after failure to communicate

In the wake of failed allocation of funding to several clubs on campus, lack of communication and threats of impeachment, Student Union Treasurer Sunny Aidasani ’14 has announced his official resignation to the Brandeis community. Citing personal health concerns for his inability to fulfill the position of treasurer, Aidasani stated in an email to the […]

Molly destroys student lives

When Brittany Flannigan, a 19-year-old sophomore at Plymouth State College, died of an overdose on Aug. 28, her family and friends could not believe the news. A business major who enjoyed dance and volunteering, Flannigan died after taking a lethal dose of a drug called Molly, a form of ecstasy, at a concert at the […]

WSRC exhibit explores intimacy and activism

On June 20, the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) opened an exhibition of works by Waltham-based artist and activist Suzanne Hodes. Titled “Family Matters: Three Generations of Women,” the collection explored the lives of Hodes, her mother and her grandmother while expressing themes such as family, time and both physical and emotional distance. Hodes, a […]

Men’s soccer team remains undefeated

On Tuesday afternoon, the men’s soccer team played the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Engineers. Few fans came out to support the team, as the game started shortly after the rain stopped. The 11 starting players, however, exuded confidence as they stood on the field for the National Anthem. The Judges started with the ball, and it […]

Waltham cultural groups see increase in funding

In Waltham, eight cultural groups, including one at Brandeis, have recently received an increase in annual grant funds from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. This came after the council received a $1.6 million budget increase from a vote by the legislature. The Massachusetts Cultural Council is a state agency that aims to improve quality of life […]

Undergraduates enjoy new course offerings

This semester, as shopping period continues, Brandeis undergraduate students have the option to enroll in 32 completely new courses. The courses span 21 departments in the arts, humanities, social sciences, lab sciences and foreign languages, and are cross-listed in several majors and minors. Many of the courses take an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to exploring a […]

Brandeis proposes new volunteer tour guide program

A new program has been proposed through the Office of Admissions to create a volunteer tour guide position. The university will no longer be paying tour guides after this semester, but will instead create additional volunteer opportunities to assist with the Admissions Office. The proposal was discussed by Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment, […]

Student experiences research first-hand

There is something to be said about the opportunities open to Brandeis students to work with world-renowned professors and researchers in professional settings. Mehraj Awal ’14 knows exactly what these opportunities are, having worked in the Petsko-Ringe lab on campus since Jan. 2011 researching Alzheimer’s disease, which currently has no cure. It is in this […]

F-board to commence marathon funding sessions

This week marks Brandeis University’s Finance Board’s marathon period. This is the time allotted by the F-board to meet with club leaders to hear funding requests for the semester. Meeting in person is not necessary, unless the funding requests call for further explanation. It is only during this time that club leaders can make funding […]

Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit explores Christianity and Judaism

In a three-hour session on Sunday, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Ph.D. candidate Jamie Bryson gave a presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls to complement the exhibition currently on display at the Museum of Science. Bryson recounted the story of their 1946 discovery in what is now the West Bank, subsequent transfers of ownership and […]

NYC colleges partner to promote clean tech

Columbia University and the Polytechnic Institute of New York University are two of the institutions that will be headlining a program coordinated by the state of New York to improve the clean technology industry in the state. Each of the two schools, in addition to High Tech Rochester Inc. will receive $15 million over the […]

BUGS offers comfortable, flexible tutoring for free

Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study, better known as BUGS, starts up again this Monday, Sept. 16. BUGS is a free tutoring service run through Academic Services, for students by students. 24 tutors in 28 subjects cover 65 different classes in all. Tutoring can be one-on-one or group study. This year, tutors are available for five new […]

Brandeis Bridges encourages students to connect culturally

A diverse group of Brandeis University undergraduates seeks to bridge divisions between the Jewish and black communities on campus. As part of a new initiative called Brandeis Bridges, 10 students—five black and five Jewish undergraduates representing their respective communities—will be chosen to participate in an ambitious intercultural leadership training program. The 10 Brandeis Bridges fellows, […]

“Tick, tick … Boom!” encourages students to question

Most Brandeis students would be lying if they said they’ve never doubted themselves at any point during their academic journey. Questions and doubt naturally arise in the process of realizing our purposes on this campus, both during and long after college. Similarly, these themes of self-doubt and daring to live authentically were explored this past […]

Fall in love with “Limerence” by Magee ’15

“[Limerence] is the scientific word for the chemical state of your body when you’re falling in love. Ever since I heard that word, I wanted to write a song about it, and name an album after it,” said Hailey Magee ’15. This summer, she did just that. Released on Aug. 24, “Limerence” is Hailey’s second […]

The Underachievers shine on new rap album

In 2011, Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood experienced a musical renaissance. Underground, independent hip-hop groups consisting of young and extremely talented artists released excellent debut mixtapes online, and suddenly, East Coast hip-hop returned to the popular lexicon. That isn’t to say that rappers were not recognized by their geographic origins before this. But for me, there wasn’t […]

Perkins ’14 pursues dance both on and off campus

Landing a lead role in the upcoming web series “Why Colored Men Don’t Cry,” Shaquan Perkins ’14, a talented theater major, commences his final year at Brandeis University with a taste of the future successes to come. Originally from the Bronx, NY, Perkins has delved into the performing arts on campus, choreographing dance routines, starring […]

Visiting author Jones explains reasons for writing

Edward Jones writes because he is compelled to. This year, Brandeis first-years read Jones’s book because they were also obliged to. But perhaps, the shared experience of reading the same book, especially a book concerned with a heavy topic like race relations, has given the class of 2017 knowledge even before they officially begin their […]

Arctic Monkey’s new album departs from the typical

When asked why she only published one novel, Harper Lee, author of the widely successful 1960s American classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” replied that she had said what she wanted to say and would not say it again. Nearly half a century later, English indie-rock band, Arctic Monkeys released their debut album, “Whatever People Say […]