Thefts from locked offices raise security concerns

Two Nikon camera bodies, four lenses, a camera bag and other related equipment were reported stolen from the Brandeis Media Coalition room last Sunday by the head staff of The Brandeis Hoot. Hoot editorial staff met with Detective Sergeant Dana Kelley the following Tuesday to discuss the incident. The meeting came very soon after a […]

Popular Brandeis professor elected President of the Association for Jewish Studies

Brandeis is lucky enough to have many world-class faculty members who are esteemed researchers, authors and scientists and have greatly impacted American academia as well as different facets of cultural history that constitute this university’s hallmark of diversity. Recently, one faculty member was elected the sixth president of the Association for Jewish Studies at its […]

Students share MLK’s legacy

On Monday, Waltham Group joined with Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries to host the fourth-annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Interfaith Service. Over 50 middle and high school students flocked to Brandeis for the day, for mentor sessions, lessons about Dr. Kings legacy and key insight into the offerings of higher education. “We brought the […]

Univ adopts new compensation philosophy; Reinharz given $4.9m

The board of trustees announced several changes to Brandeis’ controversial “executive compensation” policy Thursday, including the adoption of a more comprehensive “Statement of Compensation Philosophy.” The policy, which first came under scrutiny in the wake of a November Boston Globe article detailing the continued compensation of former Brandeis president Jehuda Reinharz, caused uproar from the […]

Vinepeek streams newest videos

People make Vines for different reasons. Maybe they’re hoping to become an Internet star, or maybe they’re looking to document an event. Sometimes they’re just looking to say hello to friends and family. Whatever their motivation, they probably haven’t considered the artistic potential of their medium. Individually, a Vine is about as good as it […]

New Springsteen album tops charts

It has been eight years since the prominent Rolling Stone magazine has given an album by Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen a rating lower than 4.5/5 stars. But is that to say that the 2009’s mediocre “Working on a Dream” is of the same musical caliber as 1984’s “Born in the U.S.A.,” a tremendous ode to […]

Spring into art at the Rose

“Chris Burden: The Master Builder” is coming to Brandeis. Burden is an installation and performance artist, who will come to campus to build an installation piece for Brandeis’ own Rose Art Museum. The piece is called “Light of Reason,” and it will stand on the lawn in front of The Rose Art Museum. 24 restored […]

Mr. Brandeis nominations bring charity pageant to life

Talented and attractive Brandeisian guys? Welcome to the Mr. Brandeis Pageant, which is headed by Relay for Life of Brandeis University. The organization restarted the pageant to not only engage the Brandeis community but also be an entertaining way to publicize and fundraise for Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Today, over 5,000 […]

MLK Memorial Program fosters love and community

On Jan. 8, 1969, 70 impassioned African-American students seized control of the university’s Ford Hall. In an effort to obtain more recognition from the administration, the group of students occupied Ford Hall for 11 days. It was through their resilience and resistance against the racial tides of their time that the 10 Martin Luther King […]

Brandeis VoiceMale/Up the Octave's midyear show

Each January brings us cold weather, new classes and fresh faces. Brandeis, the ever-welcoming university it is, received the Class of 2017’s midyear students with open arms. Among the many midyear-oriented activities was the Brandeis VoiceMale and Up the Octave collaborative a cappella show. Held in the Village TV Lounge, the gig was attended by […]

Syfy’s new show ‘Helix’ thrills viewers and critics alike

A good thriller consists of a few important elements: provocative characters, an interesting and unpredictable plot, a touch of humor and, of course, unexpected scenes to jolt your adrenal glands. Syfy’s new show, “Helix,” encomposses all of those components and far more. “Helix,” which follows the Atlanta CDC to Arctic Biosystems, an Arctic research facility, […]

Downton Abbey adopts relevant themes

Shouted expletives, wild cheering and forlorn gasps directed at Sunday evening television are typically reserved for football. But not this past week. During this Sunday’s dramatic “Downton Abbey,” viewers across the nation rooted for their favorite resident of Downton Abbey, a 1920s mansion that is a bastion of classism and conservatism in the face of […]

Men’s basketball loses two double-digit UAA games

The men’s basketball team lost two University Athletic Association games this week in the Midwest against Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago. Early struggles and foul troubles characterized both games. The Judges lost on Friday to seventh-ranked Wash U. The Bears led throughout most of the game, including the entire second […]

Women’s fencing triumphs over Wellesley 17-10

In a competitive match against Wellesley College on Wednesday at home, the women’s fencing team prevailed to go 17-10, bringing their season record to 8-5. The meet began with Jackie Hammond ’17 scoring the first touch on the saber strip and beating Jasmine Davis 5-0. Following on the saber squad was Deb Abiri ’16, who […]

Water stations provide alternative to bottled water

Over the past week, new water fountains have sprung up across campus. On the walkway toward the art building, in East residence hall and other places, TapBrandeis has helped bring water stations across Brandeis in an effort to phase out bottled water sales. The new units contain a drinking fountain along with a tap for […]

Bard College offers new admissions option

A small liberal arts college in the Hudson Valley of New York has recently made headlines for making a change in their admissions process that will give a radical new option to prospective students. Bard College, located in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, between Albany and New York City, is allowing high school students to apply to […]

Reported sexual assaults increase on campus

Brandeis University police are currently investigating five separate cases of harassment, assault and sexual violence crimes that occurred on and off campus and were reported to the department for further review. Prior to students leaving for winter break in the beginning of December, the public safety media log listed an investigation into acts of harassment, […]