President Lawrence announces departure at end of semester

In an email to the Brandeis community Friday afternoon, President Frederick M. Lawrence announced he would be stepping down as the university’s president at the end of this academic year. After serving as president for five years, Lawrence stated he will be taking a position teaching as a senior research scholar at Yale Law School. […]

Student electoral apathy disappointing

With the biannual tradition of Student Union elections commencing once again this past Wednesday, a typical shortcoming of the Brandeis student body rose to light once again. Despite canceled classes and being snowed in by over two feet of snow, only 746 students (less than any single undergraduate class) voted in the election for student […]

Creative Writing department hosts valuable ‘Can I Get Published’ event

At the event titled “Can I Get Published?” the Creative Writing department invited two literary agents, Ann Collette and Esmond Harmsworth, to speak about the publishing industry. Around 20 enthusiastic students came to the event, which was both entertaining and educational. Collette had previously worked as a freelance writer and editor when, in 2000, she […]

Brandeis affiliates with Penn Club

In September of 2014, Brandeis announced the closure of Brandeis House, an alumni center on the Upper East Side in New York City. While it was bittersweet to put the brownstone on the market, Brandeis’ new affiliation with the Penn Club of New York City, associated with the University of Pennsylvania, provides Brandeis students, alumni […]

Ward ’16 succeeds in increasing weekend library hours

Like many Brandeis students, 20-year-old Grady Berry Ward ’16 came to Brandeis initially for the sense of community and friendly, welcoming environment. He said simply, “[I] wanted to go to a place with people that cared about each other.” Ward is a triple major in computer science, economics and math. During his junior year, instead […]

LTS provides easy password changes

This week, Brandeis’ Library and Technology Services (LTS) department finished the creation of free programs designed to help students change their passwords more easily, LTS Chief Information Officer Michael Corn told The Brandeis Hoot. The mechanisms are available on the LTS web page, and allow students to access locked accounts and change their passwords voluntarily. […]

‘Taken 3’ is poorly written and executed

It shouldn’t come as such a surprise that “Taken 3,” the third installment of the reputable “Taken” series, was a complete waste of cinema. Given the incredibly low Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score (10 percent), any experienced moviegoer would know not to expect much from this movie, or even go so far as to put aside […]

Focus on films, not awards

So the Oscar nominations came out, and I am honestly disappointed, but not surprised. Already, there have been multiple pieces online lambasting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for upholding the norms of straight, white, cisgender men getting all the attention. This is fair, as “Selma” was the only Oscar-worthy movie from 2014 […]

GrooveBoston: the party that disappointed

On Saturday night, Jan. 24, Brandeis hosted GrooveBoston’s Cohesion tour in Levin Ballroom. Tickets were $5 at the SCC ticket office, and as one student said, “the event was definitely only worth $5.” Prior to the event, I got a chance to meet with the guys from GrooveBoston—Ed, Chris and Bobby D.—and was very impressed. […]

This Week in Photos: Jan. 25

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Adagio and Brandeis Pluralism Alliance team up for Dance Marathon

On Sunday, Jan. 25, students gathered for the fifth annual Brandeis Dance Marathon, part of a nation-wide movement which fundraises for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Combining dancing, celebrating and fundraising, the event provides the opportunity for students to help the patients and families of Boston Children’s Hospital. Located just down the street from campus, […]

Judges suffer from a second-half slump

As the new semester began, the Judges finally returned to their home court after a tough journey west. But what they were facing at in Gosman on Sunday, Jan. 25, didn’t spare them a chance to take a breath as they lost to the University of Chicago on Friday, 50-67 and fell short again against […]

BZA hopes to expand and develop club with Tel Aviv Club Night

Despite the snowy conditions this past Saturday, Jan. 24, students still managed to attend the first big Brandeis Zionist Alliance event of the semester, Tel Aviv Club Night. Located in Sherman Function Hall, the event provided pizza, neon glowsticks and bright DJ lights with a soundtrack of popular Israeli and American songs. BZA President Tzlil […]

The Decemberists release well-made album

Last week, The Decemberists released their newest album, “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World.” It is the band’s first full-length album since 2011 when “The King is Dead” was released. The new album came out on Tuesday, Jan. 20, and immediately found success. Within “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World,” The […]

Events should be accessible to all students

I called my grandma to wish her a happy birthday last Monday, which also happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We went through the usual topics of talking about my cousins, how much I’m eating and whether or not I use the toilet regularly, but eventually she got around to asking me what […]

Penn Club too exclusive for univ.

When Brandeis announced its decision to sell its alumni mansion in Manhattan last year, it also announced that it would be affiliating itself with the Penn Club, an exclusive Ivy League club in New York. The club’s website describes the organization as a “Club Managers Association of America designated 5-Star Platinum Club of America.” It […]

Requiring textbooks for courses outdated

Second semester at Brandeis begins about a week before most schools, which I have been told is due to our February break. Unlike the start of first semester, there’s maybe an afternoon and an evening to unpack and get ready for the next day’s classes. Things start up again, not quite in full force but […]

Univ. should reform BranVan reservation system

The nice part of a new semester, besides all the new classes, professors and general excitement, is all the free time. Though most professors start off right away with homework, there aren’t papers, tests or exams to stress about for now. Every semester, students take advantage of these benefits by traveling into Waltham, Boston and […]

Education vital for sexual empowerment

I believe that people are allowed to have and enjoy sex. I will take it one step further to say I believe women, in particular, are allowed to have and enjoy sex. There are a lot of things about being a woman in the United States that make me feel empowered and grateful to call […]