Faculty discuss adjunct unionization in meeting

Multiple Brandeis faculty members suggested caution at Professor Thomas Pochapsky’s (CHEM) announcement that the Faculty Senate will investigate complaints brought to the university by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a union representing an increasing number of adjunct and contingent Brandeis professors. According to Pochapsky, the Faculty Senate is working with SEIU in order to […]

Sodexo monopoly pushing bad deal on students

A recent email from the Student Union outlining changes in next year’s meal plans has students in an uproar. All of the classes (minus the class of 2016, which was grandfathered out of the changes) must register for a meal plan if they are to get on-campus housing, even if the residence hall has a […]

Students have company in urge to excel

The world does not seem like a friendly place. Seniors are facing the realities of the job market and the obstacles they must face for entry-level positions. Meanwhile, underclassmen struggle against each other for unpaid internships or even volunteer opportunities. Even in classrooms, students push themselves either to get that ‘A’ they have their eye […]

Stanford neuroscientist receives sixth annual Jay Pepose ’75 Award in Vision Sciences

On Wednesday afternoon, March 18, in Gerstenzang 121, Stanford neuroscientist William Newsome received Brandeis University’s sixth annual Jay Pepose ’75 Award in Vision Sciences. The ceremony was called “A New Look at Gating: Selective Integration of Sensory Signals through Network Dynamics.” Introducing himself and his background relating to vision, Newsome stated, “Over the last 10-15 […]

Tom Hall gives insight into first campus improv festival

“Improvisation is a large part of practically everything we do, and everything we create,” says Tom Hall, the artistic director of Brandeis’ first Improv Festival. So what exactly is improv, and what is its importance to Brandeis? How did improv get its start on campus, and how has it changed over the years? What is […]

Brandeis prof. wins Grammy award

Jason McStoots, a Brandeis music lecturer, is a tenor vocalist and was part of an ensemble with the Boston Early Music Festival. This year, the ensemble won the Grammy for Best Opera Performance for their album “Charpentier: La Descente D’Orphée aux Enfers.” McStoots grew up singing in church and school choir. However, he was not […]