Politicians must reform to re-engage college students

Last week the first Republican candidate for President, Ted Cruz, gave a speech at Liberty University. During his speech he highlighted many of the reforms he would endeavor to put in place while in the Oval Office. These reforms include repealing the Affordable Care Act, eradicating the Common Core educational curriculum and rolling back environmental […]

‘Savage Park’ full of eloquent prose

I am not afraid to die. I would be sad to leave the world behind, and for all the people who would mourn me, but I have no real fear of my own inevitable death. Death, after all, is a very important part of life. “Savage Park,” written by Amy Fusselman and published earlier this […]

Town restaurant should be added to list of student favorites

Looking for a place to take your parents when they visit, a go-to spot for a special occasion with your significant other or a bar to watch the big game with your buddies? Red Bird on Moody Street is the place. The decor and ambience outdo all of the neighboring restaurants; the lighting gives off […]