Farmers’ Club and new Gerstenzang farm are ready for new school year

In spring of 2015, the Brandeis Farmers’ Club established a farm on the roof of the Gerstenzang Science Library. The farm has flourished over the summer, and the club has several plans for the upcoming semester. The farm began as a final project in Prof. Laura Goldin’s (AMST/ENV/HSSP) class Greening the Ivory Tower, but students […]

Ford Hall: the historic student center

The buildings on Brandeis’ campus are known for being a melting pot of architectural styles. As buildings are constructed and updated over the years, they contribute to a unique landscape. The variation in styles between buildings creates an unusual visual atmosphere that is uncommon in most universities. One of Brandeis’ most controversial buildings is the […]

Meet the class of 2019

Zara Hoffman was born in China but has been a resident of New York City since she was a year and a half old. While attending the Dalton School, she found herself highly involved in a number of school clubs including Habitat for Humanity, “the feminism club” and many others. A motivated writer, Hoffman wrote […]

A behind-the-scenes look at Orientation

After a long summer break, Brandeis students have finally returned to school, where new faces have flooded the campus. In order to help mitigate the uncomfortable transition from a different educational setting, first-year and transfer students go through an orientation. “Orientation means welcoming a new set of Brandeisians to the school! It means you get […]

10 Boston arts venues to visit before graduating from Brandeis

Art is everywhere, especially in Boston. The city is home to many arts venues, from concert halls to theaters to museums. Below is a list of the main arts spots I think every student should check out before they graduate. The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Located about 10 miles from campus, the MFA is […]