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Four positions filled in second round of fall Student Union elections

In the second round of Student Union elections, the student body elected Max Byer ’19 as Massell Quad senator, Will Jones ’18 as Rosenthal Quad senator, Kenyon Fraser ’16 as Foster Mods senator and Valarie Timms ’16 as the senator to the Charles River Apartments and 567 South Street.

Byer said he wanted to serve as a member of the Student Union “to enact tangible change for his peers in the Brandeis community.”

“While this process may include improving facilities, unifying the quad or advocating for or against policy changes,” he said. “I am willing to advocate and become a resource for my constituents in order to cater to their wants and desires.”

Opportunity is an important issue for Byer. “Brandeis’ student life flourishes because of the opportunities students are presented with,” he said. Byer hopes that his involvement with the Student Union will allow him to improve student experience by providing students more experiences.

When asked his favorite part of Brandeis, Byer named Brandeis’ sense of a community. “Brandeis University contains a plethora of personal backgrounds and academic interests. It is beautiful to witness and to be a part of Brandeis’ fabric,” he said.

Timms, the Charles River and 567 senator, told The Brandeis Hoot that she wanted to be a member of the Student Union, so she “could give back to the community that has given so much to me.” Timms said she wants the residents of Charles River and 567 to be well represented in order to “make our quads as great as they can be.”

“I didn’t enter the Student Union with my own agenda,” said Timms. She says her only goal is to listen to her constituents. She wants to find out what the students of Charles River and 567 want to do in order to improve their residence halls. Timms says that she hopes to work alongside her peers in order to leave Brandeis in a better position than it was three years ago, when she arrived as a first-year.

Timms appreciates the Brandeis community for its positive atmosphere.

“My favorite thing about Brandeis is the amazing community of people that I have the privilege to be a part of. People here are so kind and accepting of one another. It is such a positive atmosphere to be in!”

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