Student Union elections have low voter turnout

The spring student elections showed low voter turnout as just 603 of approximately 3,570 students cast votes. Students were sent a link to the online voting, which was held on Jan. 22. Voting took place for eight open senate seats and four open A-board seats. Election winners were announced in a follow-up email on Jan. […]

2011 Alumnus passes in tragic highway accident

Charles Hu ’11 passed away this past Tuesday afternoon in a car accident while heading north on Route 128 in Lexington. He was 26. A computer science major, Hu had been living in Lexington and worked for athenahealth at their Watertown headquarters. Hu was involved in the Chinese Cultural Connection while at Brandeis according to […]

Student Union elections fill open seats

Students were elected to fill 10 seats in the Student Union last week. The midyear election is held to fill vacant seats and select a senator to represent the new midyear class. Open positions included senator seats to Massell, Rosenthal and Ziv Quads and the position of Off-Campus Senator, as well as senator seats for […]

Students explore social justice through ‘Deis Impact

One hundred years ago, in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson nominated Louis D. Brandeis, “the people’s lawyer,” as a Supreme Court Justice. From Thursday, Jan. 28 to Sunday, Feb. 7, Brandeis will commemorate its namesake’s appointment with a weeklong festival of social justice. ’DEIS Impact began in 2011 when Marci McPhee, the director of campus programs […]

Justice Ginsburg discusses univ.’s namesake

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg commented last night on her appreciation for Louis Brandeis’ pioneering legal practice that used facts and the social conditions of the day to ensure that laws helped the people, addressing students, faculty, alumni and guests in the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center. Her remarks and the panel discussion which […]

MBTA revises schedule after public protest

After an outcry from the public, including members of the Brandeis community, the MBTA revised its schedules, which are set to change after May 23. The MBTA stands as a critical mode of transportation to and from campus for many members of the Brandeis community. According to an email sent by Vice President for Campus […]

Upcoming Rose Art Exhibitions praise the diversity of art

With the undeniable blessing of a new year, a new semester and the continuation of the college experience, comes a flourish of new and wonderful art to explore. Starting Feb. 12, the Rose Art Museum will open its glass doors and welcome students with three new exhibits, each of which cover a wide range of […]

Castellani’s latest novel looks at the impact of p.o.v. on narrative

Unlike other disciplines, which rely on the understanding of particular concepts and their subsequent application, it has proven much harder to break down writing in the same way. Although professional writing may sound distinctly more eloquent than amateur writing, time and time again, writers have failed to pinpoint exactly what makes for better writing. Furthermore, […]

Eddie Redmayne’s ‘Danish Girl’ a sensitive performance

“The Danish Girl,” directed by Tom Hooper and roughly based on a 2000 novel by David Ebershoff, tells the story of Lili, one of the first transgender women to undergo a sex-change operation. The film, set in the mid-1920s, follows the journey of a marriage between Einar, later Lili, (Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda (Alicia Vikander) […]

Pottery Club re-invents the wheel, encourages student creativity

It is a firmly established fact that Brandeis, in its endless pursuit of fostering an all-inclusive environment, is home to many different clubs and organizations that allow students to explore their unique interests, while simultaneously being part of a larger collective. However, as the already extensive list of extracurriculars increases annually, more and more clubs […]

Prof. Hoover ruminates on dark themes in upcoming publication

Brandeis University is renowned for its extraordinary staff and high quality of education in nearly all areas of the liberal arts. The literature department is certainly no exception to Brandeis’ theme of excellency in staff, and is fortunate to have Fannie Hurst Writer-in-Residence Michelle Hoover imparting her knowledge and experience on the budding authors here. […]

Castle renovations needed, but univ. should clarify housing plans

Interim President Lisa Lynch recently sent an email detailing the demolition and renovations that will occur on Usen Castle over the next two years. Despite concerns about the safety of the building, students will still live in the Castle for the Fall 2016 semester. Once construction begins in the winter, they will be moved to […]

Q&A: Prof. King on “Drunk Enough to Say I Love You”

This week, The Brandeis Hoot sat down with Professor Thomas King (ENG) to talk about “Drunk Enough to Say I Love You,” the show that is coming to Brandeis next week. Performances will be held Feb. 4 at 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 5 and 6 at 8 p.m., all in the Merrick Theater, Spingold Theater […]

Savages’ new album ‘Adore Life’ delivers unapologetic lyrics

Savages’ sophomore album “Adore Life” is a great album to have around because it does not fall victim to the second-album-slump that sometimes affects bands whose debuts were highly acclaimed. For example, Jack White’s first solo album “Blunderbuss” was an interesting and fun garage rock album and expansion of White’s style, while his second record […]

Greess ’19 leads club funding sub committee

Allocations Board promoted the idea of collaborative events between clubs in an email to club leaders on Wednesday, Jan. 20th. In this email, Millie Wu ’18, A-Board Chair, indicated that these types of events would receive a larger amount of consideration during the upcoming marathon session. “If you request for collaboration events during this regular […]

Students relay to fight cancer

Students attended Brandeis’ eighth annual Relay for Life in the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center on Saturday, Jan. 23. A 24-hour fundraising event, the community comes together to honor and remember loved ones who have been lost to cancer and celebrate cancer survivors, all while raising money to fight back and find a cure for […]

Brandeis dining services to host new events

Dining hall food is often a contentious issue at Brandeis. Some students see the dining hall as a necessity, while others forgo the service entirely, opting instead to cook for themselves. In an effort to improve the quality and experience at the dining halls, Brandeis Dining Services has planned some exciting new events this year […]

Hunger and Homelessness fights poverty with service

The Waltham Group is an umbrella service organization under which 20 service clubs operate, doing good unto the local community through coordinated volunteer activities. These clubs work with blood drives, adults with developmental disabilities, Waltham students who need tutoring and on many more community issues. Lily Elderkin ’18 is a Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies […]

The Asian accent: when it’s not funny

I’d be willing to bet that most of you reading this now have heard, at one time or another, someone crack a joke about Asians and put on an affected Asian accent. The amount of jokes that accent can be applied to are endless. Are you making jokes about being cheap? Asian accent. About getting […]