Don’t read this, go vote!

In the upcoming round of Student Union elections, Brandeis undergraduates will be presented with choices to make up and down the ballot. The offices up for election include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees, Representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Representative to the Sustainability fund. As students, we […]

Student Union Candidate Statements

The Hoot reached out to the students running for the Student Union. Below are statements from the candidates. This list will continue to be updated. David Herbstritt running for Student Union President My name is David Herbstritt, I’m a member of the class of 2017, and I am running for Student Union President. I have […]

Herbstritt ’17 and Nuñez ’18 run for Student Union President

Student Union elections for next year will be held next Thursday, and  undergraduates will elect a new president, vice president, secretary and treasurer of the Union, as well as representatives to the Board of Trustees, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Brandeis Sustainability Fund. Student Union Vice President David Herbstritt ’17 and Ford Hall activist Christian Nuñez […]

‘Dog Sees God’ contemplates dark, but very relevant themes

The Brandeis Players delivered an astounding performance Thursday, March 10 with their premiere of the renowned play, “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead.” Produced by Dahlia Kushinsky ’17 and directed by Carly Chernomorets ’16, this production was comprised of a widely talented cast and crew, bringing to life the story of troubled high […]

Revival: Open mic poetry night encourages informal creativity

On Thursday night Chum’s Coffee House marked the first open mic night of the semester, co-hosted, sponsored and run by two organizations, Revival and the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance. The event left every trace of rainy, cold weather outside, as performers and audience alike filled the venue with warmth. Per Chums usual style, students slowly filtered […]

‘House of Cards’ season four surprises with renewed greatness

Spoiler disclaimer: If you haven’t watched the fourth season of Netflix’s series “House of Cards” and are planning to, you probably shouldn’t read further. This review contains spoilers. This review comes from the perspective of two fans of the show who binge-watched all 13 episodes of the season in a row on the same day […]

University norms limit intellectual discourse and beneficial life experience

Many of the adults I’ve met in my life have discussed the rather unruly things they’ve done in college in frats, sororities and what have you that they jokingly refer to and never really reveal the details. Of course, there is a probably a decent amount of exaggeration in how controversial or daring our elders’ […]

Kerry Washington speaks on her role as Anita Hill

Actress Kerry Washington came to Brandeis on Sunday, March 6 to have a conversation with Prof. Anita Hill (AAAS/LGLS/HS/WMGS) about her role in the upcoming HBO movie “Confirmation.” Washington both produced the movie and portrayed Hill herself. The film chronicles Hill’s struggles after she came forward in 1991 to testify that Supreme Court Judge Clarence […]

Ed Callahan responds to incidents on South Street

Members of both the Brandeis University and Waltham police departments are working together in close proximity to address the recent series of incidents on South Street, Brandeis Head of Public Safety Ed Callahan confirmed in an email to The Brandeis Hoot this Thursday. “It is our protocol for Brandeis and Waltham police to work very […]

Mary Baine Campbell illustrates effects of literature on her worldview

English majors have a unique worldview. They see the universe through the lens of the habitual reader. The worldview of the English major is often greatly affected by the teachings of the English professor. Through lectures and assignments, English professors like Mary Baine Campbell cannot help but impress some of their individual perspectives on the […]

Softball competes in week long UAA tournament

The Brandeis softball team has spent the last week in Altamonte Springs, FL competing in the UAA tournament championship. The team left Friday, March 4 for Florida and were thrown into the NCT tournament in Orlando the next day. The two games played in the tournament were just warm-ups for the team before they jump […]

University establishes ombuds office to help students address conflicts

The university announced the creation of an ombuds services yesterday, in accordance with the diversity action plan produced during the Ford Hall movement last semester. An ombuds office provides students with a place to confidentially discuss issues at Brandeis. Officers will work with undergraduate and graduate students to discuss the situation and the conflict resolution […]

Russian Student Talent Show celebrates International Women’s Day

A sheer joy of Brandeis University’s student body is realizing that it is an eclectic group of people from all over the world, whose distinct backgrounds are enriching and compelling—culturally speaking. Brandeis is celebrating “Russian Culture Week,” and the Brandeisians who possess Russian background or are interested in and/or studying the culture, decided to put […]

One man show “In Between” reflects on the Jewish and Arabic experience

On a sparse stage, with nothing but a stunted wooden chair, a kaleidoscopic patterned hand-drum and a suitcase with airport luggage tags, a single actor gives life to the empty space. On Wednesday, March 9, actor Ibrahim Miari brought his award-winning one-man show “In Between” to Brandeis. The show centers heavily on the theme of […]

Professor Mirsky combines academia with religion

If you ever want to take a Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) class, you may want to consider one of Professor’s Yehudah Mirsky’s courses. Prof. Mirsky (NEJS) specializes in classical Jewish studies as well as contemporary Israeli politics. This week, The Brandeis Hoot got a chance to talk to Prof. Mirsky about his experience […]

Econ alums give post-grad advice

The economics department sponsored an event called “Life After Brandeis” on Wednesday, March 9. The event was held at the International Business School (IBS) and was led by Professor Mike Coiner and Professor George Hall. The panel featured alumni who spoke about the usefulness of their economics degrees after graduating Brandeis. After a brief overview […]

Brandeis archives shows off electronic music collection from 1960s

It is surely an understatement to say that music has changed a lot in the last 50 years, especially since the advent of electronic music in the 1960s, but inevitably the statement still rings true. It is hard to consider just how much the process of making electronic music has changed, and how the process […]

“Viola+Electronics” shockingly lacks the latter in concert

In the height of the popularity of electronic music, few genres truly remain devoid of its ubiquitous influence. This past Saturday, violist and member of the Lydian String Quartet, Mark Berger, demonstrated how the two seemingly polar worlds of classical instrumentation and pre-programmed electronic sound can merge together to create something new and exciting. Though […]

More campus-wide events are needed to improve school spirit

Thursday, March 10 marked the beginning of Bronstein Weekend, an annual celebration held in the spring dedicated to former Professor Leo Bronstein. It was initially started in 1967 as Bronstein was about to retire. According to BrandeisNow, Bronstein Weekend, formerly a week-long event, is meant to convey Bronstein’s belief of satisfaction in life through celebration […]