B.SASV proposes plenty of ideas, admin. should act

Brandeis Students Against Sexual Violence (B.SASV) issued a progress report this week, two years after their petition calling on the university to improve services for survivors of sexual harassment and assault on campus. The Brandeis Hoot published an article this week covering the demands, which can be read on page 1 of the News Section. […]

Herbstritt beats Nuñez in SU presidential election by two votes

Student Union Vice President David Herbstritt ’17 has won the Student Union Presidency by two votes. Herbstritt has served on the Union for the past two years, but the election became contested when Ford Hall 2015 activist Christian Nuñez ’18 entered the race. Herbstritt received 479 votes and Nuñez received 477. “I’m thrilled to be […]

K-Nite wows with K-pop, acapella, and traditional korean fan dance

On the evening of March 12, the Brandeis Korean Students Association hosted their biggest cultural event of the year. Dubbed K-Nite 2016: “Heart and Seoul,” the event aims to showcase South Korean culture at its finest with a varied assortment of traditional and modern performances. The main focus of this cultural display was Seoul, the […]

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato would be impressed with Brandeis’ Final Jam

As part of Brandeis’ annual Bronstein Weekend, Student Events held “Brandeis’ Got Talent: The Final Jam,” an exhibition of student talents, satirically named after Disney’s 2010 film “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” Featuring a plethora of musically gifted students and a few comedians from Brandeis’ improv groups TBA and Crowd Control, “The Final Jam” […]

Sneak peek of upcoming event showcases traditional Korean music

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the Brandeis community had the pleasure of a “sneak preview” to our resident musicians’ performance, a group of Korean traditional musicians who travel worldwide promoting cultural exchange. Thanks to the Intercultural Residency Series provided through MusicUnitesUS, Korean “gugak” music will debut this weekend, providing a window into Korean […]

Prof. Rakowski joins the American Academy of Arts and Letters

“If I knew exactly where creativity came from, I’d bottle it and sell it for lots and lots of money.” Or so David Rakowski (MUS), a Brandeis University professor who was recently elected to join the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters, said in an exclusive interview with The Brandeis Hoot.   The academy, […]

Brandeis is under at least one Title IX investigation

Brandeis is the subject of at least one confirmed Title IX complaint investigation by the Department of Education, with another unconfirmed at the moment by the Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) news website. According to the Brandeis University section of the CHE’s database on Title IX investigations, “[the] Education Department said it had opened two […]

Camille A. Brown brings a chaotic array of emotions through dance

Following a performance, when an audience member asked if she could take the time to describe her past training, Camille A. Brown simply replied “no.”   On Wednesday, March 16, award-winning choreographer Camille A. Brown visited Brandeis. Following a showing of her work in the Lown School for Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, she hosted […]

UTC votes yes on schedule changes

The Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC) recently passed a vote to only offer two mainstage shows per semester for the 2016-2017 school year. Mainstage shows are the major shows for each individual club within the UTC, performed in the SCC Theater.   The UTC is made up of performing groups Brandeis Ensemble Theater (BET), Brandeis Players, […]

Brandeis athlete excels across fields

Brandeis’ men’s and women’s track & field is nearing the end of their season. Just last week the Judges saw two of their members compete in the NCAA Indoor Track championships. The team is led by head coach Sinead Delahunty Evans, who is in her third season at Brandeis. Marlee Berg (third season/sprints & jumps), […]

Ombuds employees discuss interim service at info session

Brandeis unveiled its new Ombuds service last week, and three university employees will provide confidential guidance to students regarding conflicts. Erika Smith, Elena Lewis and Brian Koslowski obtained multiple days of preparation in order to function as Brandeis University’s ombudsmen for the current spring semester. The three employees will only hold interim positions through the […]

Student Union election fervor should match that of U.S. elections

Although Student Union elections happen frequently, it is widely known that only a small portion of the student populace votes in them. In an article to the Jan. 26, 2016 issue of The Brandeis Hoot, Ryan Spencer wrote that “just 603 of approximately 3,570 students cast votes” in the January elections. That represents an overall […]

Reflecting on four years as a student journalist

My time at Brandeis, including my near four years serving at The Brandeis Hoot, is coming to an end. A lot has happened over the course of this, but very few events have meant more than my time at this newspaper. From my humble beginnings as an inconsistent arts writer, to both news and arts, […]

Candidates for multiple Student Union positions debate issues

Candidates running for multiple Student Union positions participated in a debate Wednesday, March 16 to express their views and ideas to student voters. Voting began March 16 at 11:59 p.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. on March 17. Christian Nunez ’18 and David Herbstritt ’17, candidates for president, spoke at the debate, which also included […]

The Last Five Years intertwines themes of both love and time

Sponsored by the Undergraduate Theatre Collective (UTC), Tympanium Euphorium’s “The Last Five Years” premiered Thursday, March 17. The Brandeis production of “The Last Five Years” was directed by Lilly Hecht ’18 and stage managed by Yennie Mok ’17, and their hard work, along with the entire crew of the production staff, produced a phenomenal show. […]

Student Union must be more transparent

Sometimes it seems as if we, regular students, are treated as if we cannot handle the truth. There have been instances in the past where the administration did not let us know what was going on with their end of issues that concern us, but we could hope that those who represent our interests directly […]

B.SASV progress report demands further action

Brandeis Students Against Sexual Violence (B.SASV) issued its second progress report to the university on Monday, calling on the university to hire additional employees, lead a campaign against rape culture, improve the guides outlining resources for survivors and mandate more training for students, faculty and staff. They demand a response from the university by Monday, […]

Prof Timothy Hickey ‘77 brings innovation to computer science dep’t

Among all the esteemed professors at Brandeis, Professor Timothy Hickey ’77 (COSI) has one of the most interesting backgrounds. As a former Brandeisian he took interest in subjects such as Mathematics and Humanistic Psychology, as well as social justice. It is from these small beginnings that Professor Hickey has become one of the most respected […]