Community comes together in a quiet Take Back The Night

This Monday night, a group of students, faculty and administrators gathered at the Rabb steps for Brandeis’ annual Take Back the Night (TBTN) event, during which students march through and stop at three residence quads and the Shapiro Campus Center, sharing personal stories standing in solidarity against on-campus sexual violence and assault. The event was […]

Brandeis Pride kicks off with ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

LGBT Pride Month traditionally occurs in June, a time when the majority of the student body will be off campus. Because of this, Brandeis’ LGBTQ+ umbrella organization Triskelion is bringing the spirit of Pride Month early this year. Kicking off the month was a screening and shadow-casting performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” A […]

Speakers reject comparison between Israel and Apartheid South Africa

Two speakers voiced opposition to the use of the word Apartheid to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after Students for Justice in Palestine’s annual Israel Apartheid week. Klass Mokgomole and Justice Nkomo came from South Africa to speak at an event hosted by Judges for Israel on Monday where they presented contradictions between Apartheid South Africa […]

Anti-semitic Graffiti found at AEPi House

A swastika was found drawn in the condensation on a window at the Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Fraternity House on South Street Friday night. AEPi is a Jewish fraternity which was hosting an unofficial event when students found the graffiti, according to an email from Interim President Lisa Lynch condemning the “malicious action.” Brandeis reported […]

Brandeis Wind Ensemble mightily delivers Dvořák classic

The Brandeis Wind Ensemble put on their spring semester show this past Sunday, April 3 at the Slosberg Recital Hall, as always, under the direction of the admirable Tom Souza. The first piece of the night, Antonín Dvořák’s “Serenade for Wind Instruments,” brought to audiences the typical soft, blithe melodies typical of chamber music, as […]

Batman vs. Superman defies the monotony of the genre

In a long series of superhero movies that have come out in the last few years, it would seem that there is no originality left in the genre. Pinning superhero against supervillain in a rather predictable storyline that every audience member saw coming, these films typically incorporate fight sequences that involve a series of testosterone-fueled […]

Universities should counter threats of climate change

New England’s recent bizarre weather patterns have sent anxieties about climate change into high gear. These anxieties are especially apparent at colleges and universities, where the bulk of discussions about climate change are taking place. The environmentally conscious population is beginning to seriously wonder how climate change will affect their daily lives in the near […]

Autism Speaks fails to advocate for persons on the Autistic Spectrum

Since 2008, the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks has labeled April 2 “Autism Awareness Day,” with the goal of raising awareness of autism. As a result, you may have seen evidence this past week of Autism Speaks’ marketing efforts: famous buildings lit up blue, or their corporate logo (a poorly drawn puzzle piece) as someone’s new […]