Political poll reveals student reluctance to speak

At the beginning of the semester, The Brandeis Hoot Features Section put together of a list of questions we had about the Brandeis community. One question we felt particularly passionate about was whether or not a diversity of political ideas exists on campus. Because we so rarely hear more than “one side” of any argument […]

Admin urges students to speak freely

This article is part of a Features investigation into the diversity of political ideas at Brandeis. “I think in the past year or two, most college campuses have become far more politicized,” said President Ron Liebowitz during an interview with The Brandeis Hoot. As an experienced university president, Liebowitz has witnessed firsthand the change in […]

Gov. Dukakis speaks on past and present elections

Former Governor Michael Dukakis reflected on personal experiences to illustrate how the political landscape has changed since he has been involved in politics in front of a crowd of approximately 50 students Wednesday night.  Dukakis thinks this presidential election is “a little crazy,” that Donald Trump’s economic plan would create the worst recession since the […]

RCC’s Interactive Resource Guide and Mandatory Bystander Training for Club Leaders

The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) and Office of Prevention Services (OPS) have recently begun new initiatives to improve sexual assault prevention on campus and the resources available to survivors. The RCC released an Interactive Resource Guide, created by two alumnae, to explain the resources available for survivors of sexual assault, and the OPS has collaborated […]

Students protest racial injustice

Over 100 students came together on Monday, September 26 to protest racial injustice, in response to the recent police shooting of Terence Crutcher, as well as the countless other murders of “black and brown bodies,” the March for Justice Facebook page. The March for Justice began at noon with a gathering at the Rabb Steps […]

Tennis club hosts first Slice N ’Deis tournament

For the first time, the Brandeis Tennis Club (BTC) hosted eight visiting teams for the Slice N ’Deis club tennis tournament. Eight schools from the New England area traveled to Brandeis to compete in the two pools offered. Slice N ’Deis tournament was the first large-scale club tennis tournament that the BTC hosted. Teams within […]

Club leaders must participate in bystander intervention training

All club leaders must participate annually in bystander intervention training, as the result of a Student Union bylaw amendment officially announced via the club leaders listserv on Wednesday. The amendment was passed last year but will take effect now, and club leaders will have until the end of this academic year to complete the training. […]

New hires at Hiatt and the Counseling Center

Brandeis increased diversity and expanded its outreach with several new hires at offices designed to support students, the Hiatt Career Center and the Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC). The Hiatt Career Center had two open positions this year and hired Sonia Liang to serve as a career counselor focused on supporting international students. There are three […]

Diversity of ideas poll results: student responses

This article is part of a Features investigation into the diversity of political ideas at Brandeis. Brandeis is famous for having a robust, politically aware student body. Conversations regarding the Middle East, the American election and other sensitive political topics are common place on campus, in and out of the classroom. A recent survey by […]

Alumnae create interactive resources guide for RCC

Two Brandeis alumnae created an Interactive Resource Guide for students that details the many resources and ways of reporting available for those who have been affected by sexual assault. Students click through the anonymous guide and answer questions about what has happened to them and are then directed to the resources. Ava Blustein ’15 and […]

Student Union member profile: Ziv Quad Senator Michelle Jimenez

Ziv Quad Senator Michelle Jimenez ’18 wants to make all students feel like they have a place and voice on campus, so one of her main focuses this year is to uplift the voices of marginalized students on campus. “It is important to pay attention to what students need on campus and to make sure […]

A quick fix for cleaner dorms

Among the laundry list of things that are missing from Brandeis dorms, there is one thing that is actually an easy fix: communal vacuums. With the daily wear and tear that dorm rooms receive, vacuuming them seems like a no brainer. Some of us have dustbusters, but even those are only good for small messes. […]

Encourage and empower women in STEM field

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Angela Mendez ’18, reacting to the statement that Tim Hunt, a biochemist and molecular physiologist, and Nobel Prize-winner in Medicine in 2001, said a year ago, in 2015; “I remember when Tim Hunt said [that] three things happen when women are in labs: men fall in love with women, women fall […]

A tale of two Americas

Out of many, we are one. After November 8, regardless of the results, it is together as one nation that we will have to proceed. We are stronger that way. In the wake of the presidential debate on September 26, however, it was clear that only one of the two major candidates understood that truth […]

The debates: a “Libertarian” perspective

At this stage in the election season, a ‘season’ that has lasted almost as long as a winter in Westeros, it is difficult for any original criticism, opinions or angles on the race to emerge. Other than the leak of some pages of The Donald’s tax returns a few days ago, nothing really interesting has […]

Install visitor check-in center at campus base

South Street is a heavily used open-access road: the gateway from two interstates and places west of the City of Waltham. Scores of vehicles pass by campus going one way or the other on South Street on a regular basis, and any one of them can waltz right into Brandeis’ campus via the wide and […]

Women continue to dominate

On Saturday, Oct. 1 the Brandeis women’s soccer team traveled to Carnegie Mellon for the first league game of the season. The Judges came out really strong and took the game 2-0, extending the 11-game winning streak. Brandeis women’s soccer came into the match ranked number 10 in Division III in the NSCAA poll and […]