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Brandeis students are passionate about election

This election brings a change in the political discussion on campus, due to the unprecedented nature of this campaign cycle. As an institution, Brandeis and its students are known to be generally Democratic and liberal while conservative voices are often an unheard minority.

Last week’s political survey in The Brandeis Hoot showed that students who find themselves in this minority on campus often feel afraid to share their political opinions or thoughts on the election due to anticipated judgement.

While this suppression of non-mainstream opinions is a negative effect of the election on campus discussion, in principle it comes from a positive collection of political enthusiasm from liberal students at Brandeis. These students feel passionately about the issues they care about in this election and are excited to have a candidate that represents these ideals.

For us, the Brandeis Pro-Choice club, we are proud to support reproductive rights and a woman’s right to choose and are glad to see a candidate fighting for and supporting this crucial cause.

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