Blood Drive collects 110 pints of blood

Brandeis’ annual blood drive collected around 110 pints of blood this year, though numbers will be approximate until next week. This is enough blood to save 330 lives, according to Blood Drive, the Waltham Group organization that arranges drives in conjunction with the American Red Cross. Blood Drive aims to collect 120 pints of blood […]

Calling on admin. to consider all voices

In last week’s issue, we published an article in The Brandeis Hoot’s Opinions section that erroneously stated that the university paid to upgrade snack food vending machines on campus instead of funding a supply of free menstrual products on campus. This was misinformed because the vending machine company, not the university, covered the costs of […]

Brandeis joins national conversation on free menstrual products

UPDATED 10/23 There has been debate across campus about the possibility of providing free menstrual products for students. Brandeis joins other universities in this national conversation. Brown University implemented a program this year, and other universities are working on similar initiatives.  On Sept. 23, a columnist for The Brandeis Hoot wrote an opinion article arguing […]

Student Grounds: from idea to reality

Ever been in desperate need of a last minute biology tutor, to advertise your club to a large audience or an instantaneous way to complete online transactions with other students? There are so many sites and providers of these sorts of college necessities, and Brandon Miskin ’18 had them all in mind when creating his […]

Men’s tennis finishes strong

The Brandeis men’s tennis team wrapped up their fall season with a strong finish this past weekend, in a three-day tournament hosted by MIT. This tournament was one of the three tournaments the team competes in during the fall. Michael Arguello ’17 had a terrific performance with another semifinal finish, while the rest of the […]

Volleyball struggles in UAAs

The varsity volleyball team hosted the University Athletic Association Round Robin tournament this past weekend in Gosman Athletic Center. The two-day tournament saw every team in the UAA conference compete against each other. The Judges couldn’t seem to come out with any fire on the first day of the tournament, dropping games to the University […]

Annual Security Report reveals increase in reported rapes

There were 16 reported rapes on the Brandeis campus and one off campus in 2015, up from the nine reported rapes on campus and zero off campus in 2014, according to the Annual Security Report released by the university. The increase in reported rapes between 2014 and 2015 is good news, according to Sheila McMahon, […]

Club Spotlight: BAASA

The Brandeis Asian American Student Association (BAASA) was founded in 1971 at the onset of anti-Asian sentiment to “foster a safe space for the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to freely express opinions,” says BAASA President Eric Lin ’17. Lin, who has been a member of BAASA since his first year at Brandeis, has […]

Univ. spent no money on new vending machines

New vending machines have been installed around campus at no cost to the university. The vending company supplied the machines and will earn back the cost in sales over time, according to Kevin Collen, the director of University Services. “The machines are property of the vendor, there are no direct capital expenditures related to the […]

DCL continues to fill community council positions

Almost all of the positions on each residential area’s Community Council have been filled, after only 46 percent of positions were filled after initial voting on Oct. 7. Although Community Councils are not a new idea, this is the first year they have been implemented in all residential areas at Brandeis, according to Lusi Wang, […]

A-Board funds 72 percent of Appeals Marathon requests

The Allocations Board (A-Board) funded 72 percent of requests, according to Appeals Marathon decisions released through the club leaders listserv on Sunday, Oct. 16.  Appeals decisions affected 30 clubs that asked for a total of $39,942.43 in allocated funds. A-Board funded $28,929.78 in appeals.  The purpose of appeals is to give clubs a second chance […]

Brandeis alumni create organic energy drink

“It began in the science building, Gerstenzang 123, at eight in the morning in a science class … biology probably. I look to my left, look to my right and I see my friends drinking the leading energy drinks—Rockstar, Monster, Redbull—and I think to myself, ‘Eight in the morning, not the best decision you can […]

Sexist Reproductive Health Laws Keep Poor Women from Attending College

Most of the straight and bisexual women I know at Brandeis use birth control. They have never had an unwanted pregnancy and have never experienced a pregnancy scare. They started using birth control before having sex for the first time, and they almost always use condoms. This is partially because of the accessibility of birth […]

Circle Mirror Transformation confounds audiences with complex characters

Brandeis has a renowned theater department known for putting on plays and musicals of every type. Free Play Theater Cooperative’s “Circle Mirror Transformation” was no different. Annie Baker’s play was shown Friday, Oct. 14 through Sunday, Oct. 16 in the SCC theater. The play starred Amanda Ehrmann ’18 as the main protagonist Marty, Otis Fuqua […]

Class cross-registration is disorganized

A privilege rarely exercised at Brandeis has been its students’ ability to enroll in classes offered outside of the university’s own course catalog. I am, of course, talking about the cross-registration program Brandeis shares with a number of other schools peppering the immediate area (Tufts, BU, Wellesley, Bentley, etc.), more formally known as the Greater […]

This is unacceptable.

CW: Trump’s comments about sexually assaulting women are mentioned below. According to an article published to CNN Money on Oct. 17, Donald Trump, the GOP’s nominee for President of the United States, pledged to “stop” the media, presumably because he’s tired of the industry being mean to him. At Wednesday’s debate, he refused to say […]

Samblan musicians induce a jubilee of expression with the xylophone

There was a hushed energy in the atrium of Pearlman. No one was quite sure what to expect, or when the event would begin. Suddenly there was a flurry of movement—the doors to Pearlman Lounge opened as the musicians entered. Mamadou Diabaté, Seydou Diabaté and Dramane Dembélé crossed the threshold with big smiles all around, […]

The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ transfixes with cars, babes, crosses

Within the first minute of the video, viewers see the Weeknd gagged and bound, a plastic bag over his face. A person clad completely in black proceeds to suffocate him with the plastic bag, and the camera stays on his face until the life leaves his eyes. A very dead Weeknd falls off the chair, […]

Local Boston comedians joke about fellatio, the election

Four local Boston comedians took to the Chum’s stage last Tuesday with material written by Brandeis students enrolled in Writing for Television, bringing laughter and awe to an audience of their peers. Prof. Marc Weinberg (ENG) arranged for five comedians to perform—one to host the night’s event and four to present the work of his […]

Merrill’s ‘THE SQUARE’ contemplates war, misery, relationships

Viewing the world through the lens of a gun: That’s what so many video game players nowadays can attest to, having spent countless hours running through ruined alleyways, hiding behind wrecked cars and mercilessly shooting their counterparts. War is honored and glorified, but at what cost? Amy Merrill’s “THE SQUARE” takes a very different approach […]