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What the registrar can do for you

With course registration soon approaching, the Office of the Registrar is gearing up for a week of enrollment and student questions.

Located in Kutz Hall, the registrar’s office is much more than just the middleman for class registration. Here, students can pick up the Pass/Fail form, transfer credits from AP, IB, A-Level and French Baccalaureate examinations and request transcripts. The office provides all of the paperwork that students need in relation to their academics and can assist students with completing them.

Additionally, the office of the registrar assists new undergraduates with the daunting task of online registration. Their website provides students with a clear guide of how to use Sage, Brandeis’ online registration system, and gives recommendations on how to first start building and balancing a class schedule.

Online, the registrar provides students with the University Bulletin. This is an online listing of all the courses that are being offered at Brandeis during each semester, and gives information like the requirements that must be fulfilled for a major or minor, policies of the university regarding courses and course lists for each general university requirement. For those who want to cross register for a class taking place at a different school in the Boston area, the registrar also assists students with completing their requests.

If a student isn’t sure of their final exam schedule, or needs to refresh their memory about Brandeis Days, the Office of the Registrar provides a final exam schedule and an academic calendar on its website that is clear and concise. The website also provides a page with links to each necessary form, such as the Pass/Fail form and the Add/Drop form, so that students do not need to make the trek up to Kutz each time they need a form.

Course registration can seem intimidating, but the Office of the Registrar has most of the answers students are looking for. In person and on the website, the registrar has all of the nitty gritty information about registration, credits and courses. Along with the help of Academic Services, faculty advisors, Roosevelt Fellows and more, the Office of the Registrar is a key tool for taking control of your academics at Brandeis.

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