Community, action necessary in aftermath of election

The shock of the presidential election has been felt around the nation, and the Brandeis campus is no exception. In the wake of these results, the campus entered what appears to be a period of grief. Electing Trump makes many students feel that they are personally put in danger, whether it be due to their […]

Students, faculty, admin. respond to election results

Students have come together after Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, in the form of campus events, personal conversations and social media posts. On Wednesday, students could be seen hugging and crying around campus, offering support and having discussions among each other and in their classes. Trump won 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 228, according […]

Prof. Anita Hill leads post-election discussion

Approximately 150 people packed into an auditorium in the Golding Judaica Center to attend a discussion about the recent election results facilitated by Prof. Anita Hill, chair of the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department. The gathering was supposed to be held in Rabb 119, a seminar style classroom designed to accommodate approximately 20 people. […]

‘12 Angry Jurors’ pays attention to the fine details

Twelve chairs, a table and a cracked window. That’s all there is to the set of this weekend’s performance to watch: “12 Angry Jurors,” directed by Rafi Diamond ’18 and presented by the Hillel Theater Group. This calculated, fast-paced drama questions the value we assign to justice if we truly wish to see it prevail, […]

Arab-Israeli speaker encourages integration

“If we are courageous enough, we can work together,” said Jonathan Elkhoury, a member of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) brought to campus on Tuesday by Judges for Israel, an Israeli education and culture group, and co-sponsored by StandWithUs and the Zionist Organization of America. “Unlike many people who […]

Student Union provides transportation to polls

For Americans, including college students, the 2016 presidential election has been incredibly polarizing. However, this perceived tension does have a silver lining—this past election was not just a competition between two opposing sides but for most Brandeis students, an opportunity to exercise their right to vote for the first time. Given the polarizing nature of […]

Trump wins the presidency: What went wrong?

Donald Trump’s upset victory on Tuesday shocked campus and much of America. Students cried in classes. People took to social media to vent their frustrations. In the SCC, a safe space was established for those who felt affected by the election. People are reeling, and with good reason. Brandeis students disproportionately go into fields like […]

Women’s volleyball end their season with UAAs

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team traveled to Washington University in St. Louis this past weekend to play in the University Athletic Association (UAA) Conference Championship Tournament. The Judges dropped three games in the tournament, ending their season with a 7-21 record. In the conference quarterfinals, as eighth seed, the Judges faced top seed University of […]

Special Elections yield low voter turnout

Special senate elections for Ridgewood, Charles River/567 and off-campus received low voter turnout, according to election result data from Nov. 3. There were no candidates to choose from on the ballot for Charles River/567 and Ridgewood senatorial seats. The only options available were abstain or other. A student selecting other was able to write in […]

International students speak on election

Every four years, the United States presidential election captures the eyes of the world. For many international students currently studying at Brandeis, the 2016 presidential election was not their first time following an American election. It was, however, their first time experiencing an election alongside American voters. International student Tal Richtman, Student Union Senator for […]

Cubs win World Series

In the past 108 years of baseball, players have come and gone, teams have risen to championship statue and fallen into losing slumps and cities have gained and lost teams. However, what remained constant throughout was the Chicago Cubs and their World Series drought. Last week, the drought ended, and in a dramatic fashion. After […]

Ebony Axis provides space for black women’s expression

LaShawn Simmons ’18 is devoted to restoring the humanity of black women through Ebony Axis, a zine that displays creative writing and art by black women on the Brandeis campus. Ebony Axis demonstrates strong regard for the intersection of racial and gender discrimination that black women face. The artists involved also challenge the stereotypical view […]

Career coach offers guidance on wage negotiation

A workshop on Tuesday discussed wage negotiation tactics and tips to confront the wage gap which women often face in the workplace. “The job offer itself is your leverage,” Erica Foss, the Assistant Director of Career Development at Brandeis told two graduate students with job offers and an undergraduate student. The interview process is a […]

Artistic expression helps students get through the election

“America sucks” is haphazardly scribbled in chalk on one of the walls in what is considered the hub of creativity at Brandeis. Also known as Chum’s, this small room in the Castle served as the hotspot for a congregation of Brandeis students who anxiously awaited the results of this year’s general election. The feverish anticipation […]

‘Doctor Strange’ thrills with its cinematic brilliance

Unlike many other superhero movies, “Doctor Strange” translates well from the pages of comic books to the movie screen. Often times, some comic books should never make it to film, especially nowadays, when it seems as though Marvel Studios has covered pretty much everything there is to cover. But “Doctor Strange” proves to have it […]

Overnight party at the MFA offers a wide array of activities and artworks

Art enthusiasts of all ages and from all over Boston convened at the Museum of Fine Arts’ (MFA) overnight “State of the Party” in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art, from Friday, Nov. 4 to Saturday, Nov. 5. As the name suggests, this event opened at 9 p.m. on Friday and closed at 9 […]

SEA Coffeehouse promotes environmentalism with various acts

On Wednesday in Chum’s, Students for Environmental Action (SEA) hosted a coffeehouse evening of student performances to touch on environmental issues with a group of peers. Despite starting the night with only a moderate turnout and an overall grim mood due to the political atmosphere, SEA rose to the challenge and provided a warm, fun […]

Visiting Harvard professor speaks on sacred space struggle

Rosalyn LaPier, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Montana, spoke to a packed audience on Friday about what makes a space “sacred” to Native American tribes in the northern Great Plains. When native people lived on prairies and plains, they had a definitive idea of which territory was which tribe’s and […]

‘She Kills Monsters’ tackles life and death in a profound storyline

Monsters lurked behind the curtains of the SCC Theater last weekend during Brandeis Ensemble Theater’s production of Qui Nguyen’s play, “She Kills Monsters,” directed by Rachel Josselsohn ’17. But although we meet monsters aplenty, and indeed they are often killed by a “she,” to characterize Nguyen’s reality-meets-fantasy play as simply a tale of violence and […]

Tove Lo’s ‘Lady Wood’ gives voice to modern feminism

Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo, born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, made her debut on the pop music scene in early 2014 with her chart-topping sleeper hit, “Habits (Stay High).” Since then, she has released a few new singles that have managed to cross over into mainstream success as well, including “Talking Body” and the most recent […]