Task force should prioritize marginalized voices

Charlotte Aaron, Features Editor and Undergraduate Student Representative to the task force, was not involved in the writing of this editorial. A Task Force on Free Expression should represent the opinions of all members of the community. It should uplift all student voices, even those that may be unpopular, but especially those that are systematically […]

Brandeisian in the operating room

As is a common theme among Brandeis students, Dr. Sander Florman ’89, now director of the Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center, was a student of many interests during his time as an undergraduate at Brandeis. While he managed to complete all the pre-medicine requirements and earn a letter of recommendation for medical […]

Free expression task force sparks controversy

As of April 3, 2017, this article has been edited to ensure accuracy of quoting. Where it was originally written that a student stated, “I’d prefer if no pictures were taken of me,” it now reads, “Do not take pictures of me.” A discussion on Wednesday, March 8 that aimed to inform an 18-member task force […]

A donor’s testimony

You just don’t know who you are going to touch and what someone’s connection could be, according to Melinda Estelle, a kidney donor. Since donating her kidney to a coworker’s husband a year and a half ago, Estelle has been an advocate for kidney donation and the life changing impact it has. On campus as […]

Dania Khandaker battles kidney failure

The meeting was scheduled for 4 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center. At first glance, Dania Khandaker, 27 and the department coordinator for the Brandeis National Committee, did not particularly stand out from the other interview subjects in the Einstein’s crowd. Once recognition gave way to introductions, she stood apart from other interviewees. Because of […]

Women’s tennis advances 11 spots in rankings

The women’s tennis team is now ranked Number 21 in the nation after its victory against Bates College on March 3, its highest ranking since 2012. Coming back from a huge success in California over February break, team captain Haley Cohen ’18 spoke to The Brandeis Hoot about the team’s goals. Before the matches against […]

Library exhibit honors activist Lenny Bruce

The best comedy is often ephemeral, expertly managing to capture and crystallize a certain point of view from an exact moment in time. But as the years go on, we often lose that cultural and sociopolitical context that allows us to “get” the jokes, which is why comedy does not age well. Unlike with literature […]

Brandeis Chamber Singers tour Italy over break

While most Brandeis students were catching up on homework, applying for internships and lounging around during February break, 25 students from Brandeis Chamber Singers toured Italy. The group not only traveled to Italy, but also performed in the Pope’s own home. Brandeis Chamber Singers has not gone on a tour like this for a while, […]

‘Leveling Up’ is the wrong choice of show

­­­Every theater major has to complete two practicum requirements by working tech for a department show, including running lights, sound, costume, backstage crew and ushering, among other jobs. This semester, I needed to complete my last practicum, and the only choice was a show called “Leveling Up.” I went into the process knowing nothing about […]

Brandeis Labor Coalition hosts Women’s Rally

Speakers at a rally of about 50 people called for the recognition of women’s work and workers’ rights on March 3, International Women’s Day. The rally took place outside the library and was organized by the Brandeis Labor Coalition (BLC). The event was co-sponsored by clubs and unions. Undergraduates, graduate students and faculty were in […]

Oscar-nominated ‘Lion’ a powerful true story

Although “Lion” did not win any of the six Oscars for which it was nominated, the film still carries an incredible emotional power. Directed by Garth Davis and written by Luke Davies, “Lion” is based on the nonfiction book “A Long Way Home” by Saroo Brierley and Larry Buttrose. It received academy nominations for Best […]

‘Myths and Ms.’ reading invited audience feedback

A table reading of “Myths and Ms.” gave Women’s Studies Research Center Resident Scholar Rosie Rosenzweig the chance to hear her characters come to life and the opportunity to receive vital feedback from a thoughtful audience on Sunday, March 5. Many distinguished guests were in attendance, from fellow resident scholars to family members of the […]

Luxury Death’s ‘Glue’ a lo-fi genre gem worth a listen

From the start of the first track of Luxury Death’s newest EP, “Glue,” a sense of two beings is immediately recognized. An electric guitar begins the opening track, “Radiator Face,” in your right ear, and is then rounded off by the streamlined electric piano in the other: two distinct melodies on each side of the […]

SU partners with GSA to reintroduce Riverside shuttle

The Student Union, in partnership with the Graduate Student Association, reinstituted the Riverside shuttle earlier this month. The shuttle to Newton’s Riverside T station was introduced to campus for the fall 2016 semester and discontinued in December of the same semester due to “overall cost of the program and low ridership numbers,” according to an […]

Post-Baccalaureate exhibition abstract and innovative

A new selection of thought-provoking pieces by Brandeis artists is now on display in the Dreitzer Gallery of Spingold Theater. The Post-Baccalaureate Program in Studio Art, which “provides students the space to grow as artists and develop a portfolio for graduate school admission or a studio practice,” opened its Painting and Sculpture Exhibition on Wednesday, […]

Brandeis community member searches for kidney donor

Monica Ramirez, 33, is a low-risk pregnancy coordinator for Tufts Health Plan in Watertown. Her mother is a long-time member of the Brandeis community as a staff member for Brandeis Facilities Services. Unfortunately, Ramirez suffers from kidney problems and is in search of a donor. For those unfamiliar with kidneys, they are two bean-shaped organs, […]

Recognizing global violence against Christians

In our globalized world, the plight of refugees and victims of political and religious violence has been widely distributed. Footage of and commentary on the tragedies of the Syrian Civil War and the rise of ISIS abounds on radio, television, newsfeeds, Twitter feeds and every other medium. Never before have we as global citizens possessed […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ impresses in a stunning directorial debut

Somewhere between their second and third season, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s “Key and Peele” exploded in popularity. Legendary sketches like the “East/West College Bowl,” “Obama’s Anger Translator” and, of course, “Substitute Teacher” succeeded in capturing the zeitgeist in a way that few sketch shows ever do. But by seasons four and five, it was […]

Track sees significant improvements at split-squad meets

This past weekend, both the men’s and women’s track teams wrapped up their indoor seasons with some members representing the Judges at Ithaca College in the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Championship, and other members representing Brandeis in the Tufts Last Chance Meet, aptly titled as it was the Judges’ last chance to see any […]

College students should promote the Act Relative to Sexual Violence

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to state laws. Especially in the current presidential administration, the public and media focus is understandably directed toward federal lawmaking. In some ways, this is a good thing, as the Trump administration should be met with as much criticism and oversight as possible. However, in America’s federalist system, state […]