BLM Symposium brings Khalil Gibran Muhammad to campus

Harvard Kennedy School Prof. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Ph.D., gave the keynote speech about black criminality and systemic racism at the Black Lives Matter: Local Movements, Global Futures symposium on Thursday, March 23. Hosted by the Department of African and Afro-American Studies, the symposium is a two-day event composed of student-led teach-ins, panels, forums, presentations and […]

Graduate student workers to petition for a union

Graduate student workers, specifically teaching fellows, lab assistants and adjunct professors on campus, are in the closing stages of forming a labor union.   The workers plan to hold union elections by the end of the semester after filing with the National Labor Relations Board, according to members of the union’s organizing committee.   The […]

Graduate student worker union a necessary protection

Graduate student workers are an integral component of our university community. They are our teaching assistants, and they do the difficult and not always glamorous work in research labs. They serve a dual role as students and workers, with the pay from their work being integral to being able to continue their studies. Their status […]

New residence hall to increase number of beds and common space

A residence hall to replace the Castle will have 164 beds and will cost approximately $38 million according to Jim Gray, vice president for Campus Operations. Four floors will be divided between two wings. “It’s nice that the building turns so that you don’t have a bowling alley effect,” Gray said. The first floor of […]

Brandeis Faculty Forward continues collective bargaining

Brandeis Faculty Forward, Brandeis’ non-tenure track faculty organizing committee that is part of a nationwide campaign, has made advances in bargaining with the administration since their formation in December 2015 and their opening presentation to administration in late May. Brandeis Faculty Forward, which is part of SEIU 509 (the Service Employees International Union, Local 509), […]

March Madness Recap: March 16-19

For the three weeks from mid-March to the first weekend of April, it seems as if the whole world stops to appreciate the buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories and busted brackets of the NCAA men’s basketball championships. Competition began with 68 teams, and as of Thursday, March 23, only 16 teams remain. On Thursday, March 16, […]

WSRC features art of Helène Aylon, contemporary Jewish feminist artist

The Women’s Studies Research Center Kniznick Gallery is now displaying the final installment of Helène Aylon’s 20-year series. Commissioned by Shula Reinharz Ph.D.’77 founder of the center, Aylon’s “Afterword: For the Children” is comprised of several wall installations and four separate digital videos projected onto a wall accompanied by sounds of rainfall emanating from an […]

‘Mirrors’ presents bizarre plot and innovative directorial decisions

“Mirrors,” directed by Otis Fuqua ’19, is a wholly satisfying one-act play staged by the Brandeis Players. I was pleasantly surprised by the dynamic, experimental visuals and the cohesive, twisting narrative. On the surface, it is the story of Fred (Abram Foster ’19), an aging, philosophical father surrounded by what might seem like a regular […]

‘Iron Fist’ a show that feels like being punched in the chest

A few weeks ago, the first reviews of “Iron Fist” were released, and they were not positive. Though critics praised other Netflix and Marvel collaborations such as “Daredevil” and “Luke Cage” and lauded “Jessica Jones,” “Iron Fist” received a much more tepid reaction. When asked about the poor response to the show, star Finn Jones […]

Smino’s ‘Blkswn’ offers something for every music lover

If you’re already a fan of Chris Smith Jr., better known as Smino, then I’m sure his debut album “Blkswn” has surpassed your highest expectations. If you have never heard of Smino, put down this paper, and open up your preferred streaming service. I may be biased, but I am willing to wager that no […]

The Nike Pro Hijab enhances inclusivity

This year, Nike announced that they planned to launch a “Pro Hijab,” a headscarf meant for Muslim women to wear while exercising. The Nike Pro Hijab, slated to come out in 2018, is made of stretchy, breathable material, has an extension on the back to prevent the hijab from slipping, and features the iconic Nike […]

Republican health to cover all

The new Republican health care plan will make sure all Americans are covered—unfortunately for many, that will be beneath enormous medical debt, and for still others it will be beneath six feet of soil. Trump was content to promise his voters the world before the realities of office set in. He boasted that “no one […]

One foot in Hong Kong, the other in America

For a really long time, I have struggled to fit in, and unfortunately, Brandeis was the most challenging place of all. It was not that I didn’t make any friends; in fact, I have met and become friends with many Brandeisians. My biggest struggle was that I didn’t fit in anywhere culturally. On most days, […]

Help the Brandeis community by joining the Student Union

Several days ago, I received a note via email from a member of our community. The subject line was “Riverside shuttle…thanks,” and the email stated the following: “As one of the fall riders, thanks very much for helping get the Riverside shuttle back into action: it’s been an expensive spring of using Lyft and Uber […]

The problem with pugs

Most people who know me well know that I love dogs. It is one of my dreams to raise my own dog. While I would prefer to adopt a dog from a shelter, this is pretty much impossible for me since I am allergic to most dog breeds. This means that I will probably have […]

Fresh out of the Kutz Bakery

While 3:30 a.m. is the end of a long night of studying for many students, it is the beginning of the workday for Lead Baker Steve Mulready of the Kutz Bakery. Throughout the day, he and his team bake enough bread, pastries and desserts to supply both dining halls, Louis’ Deli, the C-Store, the on-campus […]

Alumnae involved in pro-choice movement speak on panel

Three Brandeis alumnae who were involved in the pro-choice movement during their time at Brandeis spoke in a panel sponsored by Brandeis Pro-Choice on Wednesday, March 22. “One of the first things that we did is … we got clinic escort training,” Jen Revis Snider ’91 said, recounting her experience with the pro-choice movement in […]

Women’s tennis reaches highest ranking in program history

Brandeis women’s tennis had a strong start to the season with an 8-1 record going into their match against number-seven Middlebury. The Brandeis team is currently ranked 18th in Division III according to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association. The team started their season ranked 28th in Division III. With their six victories, including wins against top-20 […]

What to know about living off campus: Rachel Gifeisman ’19

With housing numbers recently released, many students may be considering living off-campus next year. Rachel Gifeisman ’19 has been living off campus for a full year in a house on South Street about a block away from campus with four other members of the debate team, Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society. Gifeisman found the […]

What to know about living off campus: Emma Jannsen ’17

Since her junior year at Brandeis, Emma Jannsen ’17 has been living off campus in a house on South Street with three of her close friends. When she was a sophomore, one of her friends, who was a senior at the time, was looking for people to take her spot at the house, and Jannsen […]