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TBA and Bad Grammer play quirky improv games

To Be Announced (TBA) and Bad Grammer teamed up for Thursday Night Fight: TBA vs. Bad Grammer in Zaniest Show Yet, providing the audience with laughter and good times on Thursday, April 20. The two improv groups combined and then split into two teams for a face off. Team Today, dressed in green, and Team Irish, dressed in blue, displayed improv games that showed off each group’s various talents.

Once the auditorium filled up with students, the show kicked off with a signature game of improv groups called Good, Bad, Evil, Robot, which incorporated two members of each comedy group. They asked the audience for a problem. In this case, it was having to write a 15-page paper due the next day and each character gives a solution to the problem based on their persona (good, bad, evil or robot). One character who personified a scooter kid suggested, “to scooter your way to success”—great advice for everyone stressed about finals!

Both groups proceeded to play multiple games where the performance was then judged by the audience and points were given to the respective groups. Another game, which was introduced as an old favorite involved a bucket of water and three members of the two comedy groups. One person held their breath under water while the other two performed an improv scene. Once the team member who has their head under water cannot hold their breath any longer, one of the actors trade places with that member. The new actor and one from the original scene go on to perform another scene, completely different from the one that was first performed. The two performers continue to switch off until there is no more water left in the bucket.

During this performance the audience was laughing so hard they got out of their seats, jumping to applaud their friends who ended up soaked in water and asked for another go at the game. This game was clearly a crowd favorite and exhibited the great humor and creativity of TBA and Bad Grammer.

While both groups showcased various acting exercises and games as the foundation to their performances, students from various majors join these groups. You don’t have to be a theater major to participate. The variety of people who are members of the groups keeps the humor fun, light-hearted and about a variety of topics. Another reason why these performances are one of my favorite activities on campus is the active participation of the audience.

These are your friends and peers performing and a great benefit to that is getting to participate in and help guide their performance. I have been to many Bad Grammer and TBA shows over the course of my Brandeis experience, and I do not believe I have ever left with anything less then a smile on my face.

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