Jews of color discuss identity at Chum’s

Brandeis Hillel presented their second coffeehouse in a series of race talks on Thursday, Feb. 1 at Chum’s with coordinators Anna Stern ’18, Aviva Davis ’21, Shari Boiskin ’21 and Yael Jaffe ’18. Featuring five acts and six performers, the content of the showing was both enlightening and empowering. Audience members sat comfortably on Chum’s […]

Honoring Michael Weller is an insult to Brandeis students

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, Brandeis awarded playwright Michael Weller ’65 the Creative Arts Award. The award ceremony focused on Weller’s theatrical career, with remarks from University President Ron Liebowitz, Prof. Gannit Ankori (FA) and Weller himself. During the ceremony, President Liebowitz used his platform to apologize to Weller for the “unfortunate events” that caused Weller’s […]

First-year class sizes increase, univ. must address issues that arise

At the faculty meeting on Jan. 26, Dean of Admissions Jennifer Walker presented statistics on the class of 2021. They announced that 858 students had matriculated. The size of the first-year class has been increasing in recent years, but Brandeis’ acceptance rate has hovered relatively steady around 33-35 percent. For the class of 2018, the […]

Strippers deserve better from the #MeToo movement

The #MeToo movement has effectively exposed the flawed and dysfunctional way that American culture views sexuality and consent. The movement revealed the extent to which sexual misconduct permeates the lives of so many women, but with a focus on women in Hollywood and famous athletes. Despite the growing voice of survivors of sexual misconduct, the […]

Mindful clubs help students decompress

Take a few slow breaths. Place both feet on the floor and feel your body loosen. Draw your attention to how your body feels—the temperature, the comfort level, the depth of your breath. Let your mind focus solely on your breath, and if it strays, gently bring it back. You have just completed a basic […]

BCJ and FACT present on divestment to Board of Trustees

Students from Brandeis Climate Justice (BCJ) and faculty from Faculty Against the Climate Threat (FACT) met with the full Board of Trustees on Jan. 31 to discuss divestment from fossil fuels. The two climate organizations gave a 55 minute presentation followed by a question and answer session. The Board has not made a decisions on […]

The Post: an astonishing cliché

One day I was wandering in the lobby of a cinema in Cambridge, trying to pick a movie. “The Shape of Water” was sold out and even though I was deeply impressed by the performance of Gary Oldman, “Darkest Hour” is not really worth a second ticket. So I decided to watch “The Post.” Starring […]

‘Quickies’ bring out the best in student theater

This year’s “Quickies” were a wonderful reminder of theater’s potential power to create entertainment. The “Quickies” are a series of short theatrical productions, which the Undergraduate Theatre Collective (UTC) stages every year. Each is created individually and given only three days to rehearse. As a result, the show became an example of excellent “student theater.” […]

Berg appointed Director of Sexual Assault and Prevention Services

Sarah Berg was appointed the director of Sexual Assault and Prevention, the second person to hold this position, where she oversees the Office of Prevention Services and Rape Crisis Center (OPS). Berg discovered a passion for prevention work while pursuing a Masters in Social Science in Denver. She became interested in doing research on domestic […]

Student Spotlight: An active student in the community of dance speaks of its significance

One of the greatest opportunities Brandeis offers is extracurricular activities is the opportunity for younger students to take on leadership positions within their clubs. There are an abundance of groups where students can express their talents and passions through the arts. This week features insight into the participation of dance clubs on campus. Sarah Lavin […]

Students explore the broad scope of comparative literature and humanities

How does one study the human experience? At Brandeis, the Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature and Culture allows students to explore culture and texts to find new ways of thinking about the world. Prof. Matthew Fraleigh is the undergraduate advising head for the Comparative Literature and Culture program, as well as the chair of […]

Liebowitz writes open letter supporting former colleague

President Liebowitz wrote an open letter expressing his support for Ithaca College President Shirley Collado, who in 2001 pleaded no contest to allegations of sexual assault. Liebowitz worked with Collado during his time at Middlebury College. Pleading no contest, or nolo contendere, means a defendant does not admit guilt but accepts a sentence from the […]

TBA Improv: A Warm Light in the Cold New England Winter

You might not expect a dorm common area to be an effective stage for improv comedy, with plush armchairs scattered around in the limited open space. But once a stage space was cleared and the group came out to start the show, it was clear that TBA Improv was in their element performing in Ridgewood […]

Boston entertainment to distract and divert

As we settle into the routine of second semester, you may be looking for something to break up the grind. Here’s some recommendations of where to go in Boston: Phantom of the Disco: Heart and Dagger Productions are staging a show loosely inspired by the classic “Phantom” story. It follows a company retelling of the […]

Seniors reflect on intramural success

Competitive or not, athletic or not, talented or not, intramural sports at Brandeis gives any student or member of the faculty an opportunity to compete in regulated, organized tournaments or leagues within the Brandeis community. Intramurals are open to players regardless of the participant’s experience with the sport offered. Brandeis Athletics offers around 30 leagues […]

Dean of Admissions presents on admissions statistics to Faculty Meeting

Dean of Admissions Jennifer Walker presented statistics on the class of 2021 and Brandeis recruitment process at a Jan. 26 Faculty Meeting. The talk also featured discussion of the upcoming Board of Trustees meetings and tributes to faculty who had passed away in the last year. The university admitted 4,040 students to the class out […]

Fencing excels in busy week

The men and women’s fencing team competed in the Northeast Fencing Conference hosted by Boston College this past Saturday. The men’s team went 6-0, while the women’s team went 4-2 in the competition. The men’s team narrowly won their first two matches, defeating Brown and Boston College 15-12. All three weapons finished by scores of […]

NBA plagued with injuries across the board

This past week saw a rise in the total number of injuries that have impacted this season, which will have a great effect on teams in playoff contention. On Friday, Demarcus Cousins tore his Achilles tendon. The following day, Andre Roberson ruptured the patellar tendon in his left leg. Both players will be sidelined for […]

Track and field sets two school records

The Brandeis track and field team had a successful weekend at Boston University (BU) and Tufts University. The team set two school records and had two athletes earn University Athletic Association (UAA) Athletes of the Week. The Judges started off strong with Emily Bryson ’19, who ran the fastest time in Division III indoor track […]

Sorkin’s directorial debut disappoints with “Molly’s Game”

Aaron Sorkin is a good writer. Maybe even a great writer—his work is certainly recognizable. Any Sorkin script—from “A Few Good Men” to “The West Wing” to “Steve Jobs”—emphasizes dialogue over just about anything else. Sorkin is known for his clever and witty dialogue which dominate his film and television projects. His dialogue is never […]