Support Hannah Brown for president

The Brandeis Hoot would like to voice our support for Hannah Brown ’19 for Student Union president. We believe her platform addresses issues that deserve attention from all parties on campus and provides practical solutions for these issues. Brown is running unopposed for the presidency. However, this does not mean we should treat the election […]

Students walkout to honor those killed in Parkland

Hundreds of Brandeis students gathered around Chapels Pond at noon Wednesday to stand in solidarity with victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and to express support for gun control reform. Attendees filed in along a narrow path and spread out around the heart-shaped pond. The crowd held a 17-minute moment of […]

Hannah Brown ’19 runs for Student Union president

Hannah Brown ’19, this year’s Student Union Vice President, is running unopposed for president, having served on the Union since her first year at Brandeis. Brown was the North Quad senator her freshman year and served as chair of the Dining Committee in the spring. During her sophomore year, she was a Class of 2019 […]

Double trouble: students major in varying disciplines

Neeti Kulkarni ’21 Neeti Kulkarni ’21 didn’t plan on becoming a music major until she was surrounded by them. She attended a chamber music camp in Minnesota with instructors from conservatories at nearby universities, a camp where musicians of all ages practiced outside and filled the air with music. The experience inspired her to major […]

Hip hop artist Celo speaks out about the significance of music

Brandeis allows students to explore their passions, take control of what they like to do and make it their own. One student, Marcelo Brociner ’18, or Celo, has been pursuing his love of hip hop for the last six years, since his junior year of high school, and has been recording music for five years. […]

Time’s up: the power in the money

: Male reign over society is slowly but surely coming to an end. It appears that after being viewed as the dominant sex for thousands of years, the power has gone to their head. Men, however, are in for a rude awakening because their time’s up. Our society is not static. Old systems of power […]

International Center for Ethics celebrates its 20th anniversary

The International Center for Ethics celebrated its 20th anniversary on Monday, March 12, with the event “A Powerful Fire: Performances to Energize Our Next 20 Years,” which contained a variety of performers, panelists and a symposium. Seventeen Brandeis students, faculty, administrators and guests gathered for the symposium: “Democracies in Peril: The Role of the University.” […]

Fencers host NCAA regional tournament

The Brandeis fencing teams finished their 2018 season by hosting the NCAA Regional Tournament in Gosman Athletic Center last weekend. Brandeis Athletics hosted teams from Harvard, MIT, St. Joseph’s University, Vassar, New York University, Columbia, Yale, Cornell and Wellesley. Joanne Carminucci ’19 came out as the top performer for the Judges, taking eighth place, enough […]

Our justice system should focus on rehabilitation

A prisoners’ standard of living varies greatly from those of us on the other side of the bars. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, since the beginning of 2018, there have been 2.3 million people housed in American correctional facilities, whether it be state prisons or juvenile detention centers. As the country with the highest […]

Baseball ball starts season slow, drops last four of five games

The Brandeis baseball team won their first game of the season in one of two double headers over the weekend of March 10-11. All four games were played in Northborough, MA at the New England Baseball Complex. In the first game of the weekend, the Judges defeated Bowdoin 8-3 in a morning game. Brandeis got […]

Bojack Horseman challenges to TV narrative of abortion

In America, an unwanted pregnancy can be a terrifying endeavor. When deciding whether to continue the pregnancy or get an abortion, pregnant people are faced with myriad societal pressures that can make them feel helpless. This feeling of helplessness is compounded by the fact that abortion, an often painless and simple procedure, is portrayed by […]

Corporations should not be considered legal persons

The debate over whether or not corporations should be considered legal persons has sustained longevity in the legal sphere. While some believe it is within the rights of corporations to be offered the same rights and protections as any legal person, others believe corporations should not have this power. As a result, many philosophers, lawmakers […]

It may be free, but that doesn’t make the “Cloverfield Paradox” worth your time

After half a decade dominating the television sphere, the streaming giant is clearly looking to make the jump onto the big screen—ironic, considering watching something on Netflix is the antithesis of actually going to a movie theater. Netflix already has an Oscar-nominated film in its collection with “Mudbound,” some terrible Adam Sandler movies and now […]

Heller alumni craft quilts from old T-shirts with Project Repat

To entice students to participate in on campus events, promises of “free food” and “free shirts” are common. But after graduation, many t-shirts that sport lettering from a specific activity get thrown out or stuffed in the backs of drawers as a way to hold onto the memories. For students who are not planning to […]

Women’s tennis makes impressive comeback

This past Saturday the No. 19 ranked women’s tennis team took on No. 25 ranked Wellesley College at Wellesley. The women’s team made an impressive comeback in the match, winning the final three games to take home a 6-3 victory over their opponent. The Judges dropped the first match of the day with pair Olivia […]

University hosts panel on sexual harassment in the workplace

The panel, “From #MeToo to #nomore,” addressed ways in which students can respond to issues of sexual harassment in the workplace now and in the future. The panel was sponsored by the Brandeis Rape Crisis Center, the Hiatt Career Center and the Gender and Sexuality Center and took place Monday, March 13. The #MeToo movement […]

The Young Fathers create a unique and noteworthy sound with ‘Cocoa Sugar’

Describing Young Fathers’ genre is almost as impossible as discerning a clear, absolute message in their lyrics. They are a band defined by contradictions and a web of conflicts—both culturally and artistically—that grind against each other to create some of the most fascinating experimental pop and hip-hop music of the last decade. This multifaceted conflict […]

Brandeis faculty and students compete in ‘Hoops for Help’

The faculty team was victorious in a faculty versus student basketball game that helped fundraise for the World of Work internship funding program (WOW), which provides stipends for students who take unpaid internships in the summer. A large student and faculty crowd attended the basketball game on Thursday, March 14 in the Gosman Sports and […]