We can’t afford complacency when it comes to climate change

Brandeis Dining Services has recently increased their efforts to promote sustainability on campus by providing compostable utensils and compost bins at events. Sustainability Programs also, admirably, hosted an information session to inform students and faculty about recycling myths and ways they can recycle more efficiently. However, the fact is that regardless of what the administration […]

Men’s and women’s fencers receive UAA athlete of the week honors

After a weekend at the second Northeast Fencing Conference meet of the season, the Brandeis Judges finished on a high note with both teams finishing with 4-2 records. The wins received at this meet place Brandeis University in second place on the men’s side, just behind Boston College, and third place on the women’s side, […]

International student senator refuses recall

For the first time in Student Union history, a Union senator has been recalled in an election. International Senator Linfei Yang ’20 was recalled from the Student Union, after a recall vote was called during the winter elections that took place Tuesday through Wednesday. Since the announcement of the recall, Yang told The Brandeis Hoot […]

Artist talks about the process of creating interdisciplinary art

Art is a medium for expressing interdisciplinary ideas in a creative and cohesive way, according to artist David Kim, who spoke in Goldman Schwartz Art Auditorium on Wednesday afternoon. Kim, who previously worked as a cancer and genetics research scientist, uses his background in research to intertwine biological science, new media and fine art disciplines […]

’Deis Hacks looks to improve non-profit organizations

When people think of hacking, their first thought is always along the lines of hacking the National Security Agency (NSA) or Facebook. But ’Deis Hacks, “a hackathon for social good” focuses on the good that can come out of hacking. Hosted by the Brandeis MakerLab with Brandeis’ International Business School, the hackathon combines Printathon and […]

Panelists discuss careers in the middle east

Panelists gave their personal experiences in the U.S. State Department, Iraq Oil Report and time spent in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in an event sponsored by the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Department and associated Crown Center for Middle East Studies. Profs. Gary Samore (POL), Pascal Menoret (ANTH) and Emma Salomon, […]

The state of ‘Hearthstone’ in 2019: game review

“Hearthstone” has always been a polarizing experience. On one hand, the game feels perfect with excellent U.I. design, crisp animations and memorable voice work, which all make the experience pleasantly addicting. But on the other hand, when played beyond the very casual level, the game feels poorly designed and lazily balanced with an unhealthy emphasis […]

Brandeis commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day with presentation

Holocaust Remembrance Day, an international holiday that commemorates the atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II, was commemorated Monday when a variety of artists and academics spoke about the forms that Holocaust remembrance might take in our current political climate. Nine women presented “Holocaust Memory in a Time of Nationalism” at the Brandeis […]

12 seats in Student Union filled

The winter elections of the Student Union saw 12 out of 13 possible positions filled, spanning the Executive Board, Allocations Board (A-Board) and the Senate. In the Executive Board, Simran Tatuskar ’21 ran unopposed for the secretary position, winning almost 75 percent of all votes. Tatuskar spoke about her victory to The Brandeis Hoot, saying, […]

Judiciary Case to be heard Sunday

The Judiciary will hear representatives from the Allocations Board (A-Board) and the Executive Board (E-Board) on Sunday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. in a case that will decide whether the Student Union is a club and, as a result, whether or not the Allocations Board has jurisdiction over Student Union funding. The hearing is open […]

Framework task force members named by Liebowitz

Members of three task forces were named in an email from President Ron Liebowitz on Monday which urged members of the Brandeis community to “participate in charting our future” and addressed calls for improving accessibility on campus. The three task forces—the Task Force on the Student Living/Learning Experience, the Task Force on Supporting Research, Creativity […]

James Blake’s ‘Assume Form:’ lullabies and lapses of distrust

“Are you in love?” Someone is. UK producer, singer, songwriter, tall guy, potential alien life form, James Blake. His fourth album immerses you in his head as he tries to process his relationship. Blake made a name for himself with his eponymous debut album, and sophomore effort “Overgrown” had a cutting edge sound and sharp, […]

‘My Ex-Life:’ Professor McCauley’s smart, witty new novel

Stephen McCauley, co-director of the Creative Writing Program, is not only a professor of short fiction workshops, but a successful novelist. McCauley held a variety of jobs before focusing on writing full-time (his website lists travel agent and yoga instructor, among others). His latest book, “My Ex-Life,” is a witty and poignant look at how […]

Skunkworks assists students with software projects

For innovative students at Brandeis, ideas run freely and have great potential. The problem? Sometimes, the technical details are too difficult for students to figure out on their own, especially if their major lies outside of the computer science realm. Luckily, Skunkworks is a group at Brandeis that can help students with their projects. A […]

“Fridays for a Future:” The power of the next generation

After the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School last year, student activists took to the streets and social media to voice the issues of gun violence in the United States. These students were met with such great support, from not only members of their community, but nationally and internationally, especially by famous celebrities. The “March […]

Harvard professor gives talk at Heller School

A Harvard professor recounted his personal journey advocating for fair elections and unionizing farm workers at the talk, “The Democratic Promise: People, Power, and Change.” Professor Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, visited The Heller School on Wednesday to talk about how to fulfill […]

Send the flyers flying

Inspired by last week’s piece on plastic utensils and bags on campus and my recent trip back home, I also wanted to share an idea on how to make the Brandeis campus more green. The Brandeis community obviously cares about climate change. However, the focus seems to be on larger projects, such as divestment from […]

‘Valentine’s Day’ debut catchy but needs refinement

“Jesus Christ could you please fuck off!” Dane Leoniak ’20 sings in the first track of “Good, Clean, Christian Fun,” a new album released by Valentine’s Day, a band made up of Brandeis students. The song’s opening is an abrasive polka party fever dream, before judiciously becoming a rock song. “No one will ever know […]

‘The Punisher:’ Let’s just pretend there’s only one season

The second season of The Punisher is another show that has fallen into the dark pit that is a TV show’s worst nightmare: the sophomore slump. As a fan of “The Punisher,” who has watched the first season three times (at least), the second was incredibly disappointing. One of the last remaining Marvel shows on […]