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BEAM Springfest competition calls for entries

Basement Records and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) are asking for student musicians to submit performance videos for their annual BEAM competition. The Brandeis Premier Digital Talent Search is an opportunity for Brandeis students to perform onstage at Springfest 2019 with the headliner—past musicians have included Kendrick Lamar, fun. and A$AP Ferg.

The competition is open to any student performer or performing group, such as musicians, DJ’s, acapella groups and dancers—performance is key.

Here’s how the process works: students will submit a video of a live performance, which will then be judged by music professors who will select their favorites. The next round will go to the CAB and Basement Records executive board, who will decide the finalists. After that, the choice of the next Springfest student performer is turned over to the student body. There will be videos promoting the finalists, followed by a vote. Whoever wins will get a month to practice in preparation for going live on stage in April.

“Brandeis is full of artists and music groups that are so incredibly talented but oftentimes don’t have avenues to showcase their talent and show the school and state how talented and dedicated they are to their craft,” Bethel Adekogbe ’20, Basement Records president said. “The BEAM competition is the ultimate opportunity to showcase their talent and show they have what it takes to make it big.”

The BEAM competition is a collaboration between Basement and CAB. It’s the second year of the contest, with Late Night Thoughts having won in 2018.

“It’s a huge opportunity, it puts you in front of literally thousands of people,” Adekogbe said. “It’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward.”

The submissions deadline is Monday, Feb. 18. Students can follow the competition’s progress on the Basement Records and CAB Facebook pages.

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